oh hey i’m psychic now \\ march & april rewind

OMG I just went back to my February wrap-up to remind myself how I format these and the title was “the calm before the storm??” and LOLOLOL HOW DID I KNOW???? Maybe my tarot readings are enhancing my psychic abilities or something. Anyway. Moving on to the wrap-up, which will include March AND April because I was on hiatus…

what happened

  • I reread some good stuff. I reread the first two Grisha books to finish the trilogy, and I really enjoyed all of them. I also started rereading the CARAVAL books in preparation for FINALE coming out in May. I still love the series but rereading them, I could see some major flaws which probably set up FINALE to be…a little bit of a mess honestly so far. But I have been super enjoying rereading books again this year and plan to do a lot more of it because it is fun and comforting.
  • Even though I’ve been super stressed again, my mental health has been a lot better. And sometimes I actually feel somewhat content and even excited to wake up in the morning, which is not something I’m used to. I’ve been very stressed because of my personal life, but overall I’m still feeling positive and I seem to be in recovery mental health wise. My anxiety is a lot more manageable than it has ever been, and I’m starting to realize how much less limited I am to do things I never thought I could do.
  • I went home!!!!! After almost a year, I finally got to go home to visit my parents (and my home kitties!!). I have not been home in so long and it was a very nice vacation. It was nice to spend time with my parents and nap in my bed and just spend some time away from my life in a safe place.
  • I applied to get funding to go to Book Expo. In my library system, librarians can apply to get funding for conferences and we can have EVERYTHING paid for, including room and board and food!! Even though NYC completely terrifies me and I’ve never been completely on my own before, I applied to go to Book Expo! I have two out of three approvals that I need, so I’m hoping I’ll hear back soon and actually be able to go to book expo as an industry professional and not a reader or blogger like I’ve done in the past. Please let me know in the comments if you are planning to go to Book Expo!!
  • I did a lot of tarot. The most fun thing I’ve been doing is my daily tarot readings. So far they’ve been super accurate, so much so that I’m a little freaked out by it honestly. Even with my book tarot readings they’ve been accurate. There was one time that irked me though when I asked about a current stressful situation in which I’ve been very confused, and it said “the path is unclear.” My tarot deck apparently likes to be sassy sometimes. But be on the lookout for more tarot posts!


what i read

In March, I read a mix of meh and awesome books. I LOVED the Grisha books, and can’t wait to continue on to SIX OF CROWS. FIELD NOTES ON LOVE was okay, but fell flat in a lot of ways for me, including Mae’s boring character and the weird pacing and the lack of vivid settings. I was also SUPER excited for the companion to THE KISS QUOTIENT, aka THE BRIDE TEST, but overall was not impressed. I couldn’t tell the tone of this book and was kind of upset by the whole premise of the romance and felt like Khai and Esme had no chemistry.

My main reading project for this month was to reread the first two CARAVAL books in preparation for FINALE, which I did. I already talked about those in the intro so I won’t repeat it here except to say I still really don’t know if I’m going to finish FINALE because it’s such a hot mess. I also read Maurene Goo’s newest book, SOMEWHERE ONLY WE KNOW, set in Hong Kong and about a k-pop artist and photographer, which was SO FREAKIN CUTE!!!! I loved this book so much and it has inspired me to go with my sudden re-interest in songwriting.

I also read PET, which was super weird. I still don’t know exactly what I think about it. The writing was good, but I couldn’t tell if the messages about abuse and monsters often hiding in plain sight were too heavy-handed? Also the world building in this one was very weak and sometimes confusing. I also couldn’t tell what genre I’d say it was if I were to rec it to teens, which is a big thing for me now when I read a book. Overall I don’t think most teens would dig it.

As I’m writing this post, I’m currently in the midst of GEEKERELLA, which I hope I’ll finish by the time the post goes up. This far, it is SO ADORABLE. The couple hasn’t even met yet and I already ship them, and I love soft and sweet and geeky Darien so very much and just want to hug him and protect him. The writing is really fun and addicting and I’m loving the Cinderella retelling things because they’re done so well without banging you over the head. I’m really interested to see where Elle and Sage’s friendship goes, and as of now I am very glad I picked up a copy of THE PRINCESS AND THE FANGIRL a while ago because I am loving this story a lot.

around the blogosphere

I’m going to include mostly March because I didn’t get to share March posts since I was on hiatus and I haven’t been able to find time to catch up on everyone’s April posts yet (sorry!! I will catch up soon I promise!)

  • Marie wrote about the truth about blogging statistics
  • Fadwa wrote a life-saving post about the productivity tools she uses
  • Kayli wrote a very interesting post about her preferred reading formats
  • Ellyn made a helpful list of tips for annotating your books!
  • Siobhan discussed age-shaming of YA readers
  • Becca made a really fun list of horror recommendations by and for Hufflepuff readers!


book haul highlights

  • Kingdom of Souls | Rena Barron – This book is one of my most anticipated Fall reads, and I’ve been interested in it since the deal was announced in Publisher’s Weekly, which feels like forever ago. KINGDOM is about a girl from a long line of witch doctors who doesn’t have any powers of her own. She decides to call upon a demon who can take years of her life away in exchange for her own magic.
  • Crier’s War | Nina Varela – I only heard about this one when it went up on Edelweiss recently, but OMG it sounds FABULOUS. It’s an epic, LGBT fantasy about two girls who fall in love and some other fantasy stuff and OMG IT SOUNDS SO GOODDDDDDDDD. Cannot wait to read this one!!!
  • Serpent & Dove | Shelby Mahurin – Obviously this witchy bitchy book had to go on my TBR list since I am Cotton Candy Book Witch. It’s about witches and a holy war and seems dark and mysterious and atmospheric and I AM HERE FOR IT!!!



I’m thinking about occasionally reviving this part of my monthly rewinds when I actually have stuff to write for it.

  • Lizzo’s new album, CUZ I LOVE YOU. I am SO OBSESSED with Lizzo’s new album. I heard of her when Bustle featured her song ‘SCUSE ME on one of their posts, and was so excited when this album finally dropped. It ended up even exceeding my expectations. It’s the most empowering album I’ve ever listened to and it makes me feel so good about being myself and I just can’t listen to it enough. Lizzo is a fantastic queen and I love her so much.
  • Top Chef. I am also really obsessed with Top Chef. My boyfriend and I watched Masterchef together a while ago but we finished all the seasons so I needed a new cooking reality show, and I got hooked on Top Chef. It amuses me so much when the contestants talk about how hot Padma Lakshmi is. She is very attractive, not gonna lie. She makes this show.
  • Saturday Skin Rise & Shine gentle cleanser. You probably don’t know this about me, but I am very in love with all types of skincare. I got this cleanser recently to use as my morning face wash, and I really like it. It’s very light and foamy and always makes me feel like my face is extra clean. The packaging for this brand is also really pretty and is my favorite shade of pink so all around it makes me very happy.


How was your April? What did you read that you liked? Or disliked?

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  1. I’m so glad that your mental health has been better and that you got to go home a little bit as well! I hope that May will be amazing and fingers crossed for Book Expo. I dream of going there someday!
    I hope you’ll have a wonderful May!! 😀 <3

  2. Cudos to you – not even BookExpo could lure me to NYC. I’m a western girl and the thought of hte big apple is pretty intimidating. I enjoyed you blog; I think I’ll be back!

    1. thank you! and yes, nyc is super intimidating! I didn’t go out and explore but I’m just proud of myself for making it there lol.

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