The Nope Book Tag

I know I did a book tag recently, but I just love them so much that I can’t resist doing another one, and since the Nope Book Tag has been floating around, I thought I’d borrow it for today’s post.

NOPE ENDING: a book ending that made you go NOPE either in denial, rage, or because the ending was crappy

I was SO MAD at the ending to Daughter of Smoke & Bone. I loved the entire thing UNTIL WE GOT TO THE ENDING because it uses one of my least favorite tropes. I hate the past life trope so so so much because I feel like you get to know the character as who they are now, and then they become someone else and have entirely different thoughts and goals and the story totally changes. I tried to read the rest of the series, but was honestly too mad at the ending of DOS&B to continue because I loved the first part of it so much.


NOPE PROTAGONIST: a main character you dislike and drives you crazy

After rereading the Shatter Me trilogy recently, I have to go with Juliette. I just…don’t understand. The world is literally going to pieces around you and you’re only focused on your love life? And she was so weak and whiny for most of it. I get that she was traumatized in the institution/prison, but like…grow up, girl.


NOPE PAIRING: a “ship” you don’t support

Tris and Four. I do not understand why everyone ships them. They are so toxic for each other. They keep things from each other and flat out lie to one another and that’s just not healthy. They have too many personal problems that don’t blend well when thrown together to be a good couple.


NOPE PLOT TWIST: a twist you didn’t see coming and didn’t like

Belzhar. I didn’t even finish this book because I could tell something horribly problematic and stupid was going to happen, but I did read the spoilers for it, and boy am I glad I didn’t finish it. She just completely trivialized mental illness and the protagonist turned out to be just as horrible as anticipated.


NOPE GENRE: a genre you will never read

Space books. I have tried and failed to get into space YA but every time I try I end up being disappointed. This is one of the two main reasons I haven’t finished Illuminae yet even though it uses unique formatting and I die over that, but I just don’t understand the space and sci-fi mumbo-jumbo.


NOPE BOOK FORMAT: book formatting you hate and avoid buying until it comes out in a different edition.

I don’t really have one? I like hardcovers and that’s what comes out first so I don’t really mind?


NOPE TROPE: a trope that makes you go NOPE

I could go for the past-life trope that I talked about in question 1, but I will refrain from ranting further about it. I really hate thrillers or mysteries where the big reveal is that it was all in their head because they’re mentally ill. Books that use mental illness as a big reveal or simply as a plot point without going into the seriousness of the issue really irk me on a personal level because I feel like mental illness should not be trivialized or made into something just for the sake of entertainment.


NOPE RECOMMENDATION: a book recommendation that is constantly pushed at you, that you simply refuse to read

Cat Clarke. One of my best friends really wants me to read Undone, but I didn’t like the first two books I read by her so I wear my skeptical face whenever she makes that recommendation again.


NOPE CLICHE: a cliche or writing pet peeve that always makes you roll your eyes

Metallic blood. Just…it’s so overdone. Can’t you find another way to describe blood?


NOPE LOVE INTEREST: the love interest that’s not worthy of being one

Either Edward or Jacob from Twilight. I’m sure most of us by now know that Edward’s behaviors are abusive and controlling, and the fact that he was so put on a pedestal is just a major issue. Their relationship is not healthy and his behaviors are abhorrent.


NOPE BOOK: a book that shouldn’t have existed

I hate to even bring up this book because it’s so problematic but…Inexcusable. It’s about a guy who rapes a girl and doesn’t think he did anything wrong for literally the entire book. Then there’s a sequel. In which he also doesn’t think he did anything wrong. The author just seems like a major rape apologist and this book doesn’t need to exist whatsoever.


NOPE VILLAIN: a villain you would hate to cross

Twice-Killed Katherine from The Hazel Wood. She’s not like a super villain/antagonist, but she is definitely a creepy character and a “bad guy.” I would not want to cross her and her bird cage.


NOPE DEATH: a character death that still haunts you

One word: Divergent. I have no words.

NOPE AUTHOR: an author you had a bad experience reading and have decided to quit

E. Lockhart. I HATED We Were Liars with a burning passion, yet somehow convinced myself that Genuine Fraud would be better, so I read it. It was not as bad…but not by that much. One of my close friends loves her chick lit books, but I will never read another book by her. Don’t let me do it!!


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my favorite types of posts to write

Since this is probably my fourth or fifth new blog and I’ve been blogging since 2012 (6 years!!), I have learned a lot about myself as a blogger. One of these things is which types of posts I enjoy writing the most. This time around, I am trying to remain a happy blogger and not overwhelm myself or get to the point where I burn out and don’t enjoy the process of blogging anymore. So, part of what I have been doing lately is reflecting on ways I can keep myself a “happy blogger,” and part of that is obviously writing posts that I like writing. Today, I am going to be sharing some of the types of posts I like to write the most.

  • List posts. Basically, anything with bullet points or numbers is totally my jam. When I was still writing reviews on my older blogs, I actually contemplated only writing posts, including reviews, in lists because I just love lists that much. I find it much easier to organize my thoughts in list form because I have some kind of structure, and since my blog posts tend to be somewhat short and kind of rambling, lists are great.
  • Personal posts. This is probably kind of weird since in general I’m a shy and quiet person, but I really like writing posts where I get to share something personal about myself. I feel like writing a post about an issue or topic I care about from my personal perspective makes my points more valid and also gives me an outlet to express thoughts and feelings I don’t get to in other places in my life. Sometimes, even when I have an idea of what I am going to write in a personal post, the idea changes and evolves when I’m writing it, so I end up reflecting more deeply about myself and that can be really helpful.
  • Short posts. I’ve always felt like my posts tend to be on the short side of things in the book blogging world. Other people write five paragraph reviews and call it a “mini” review, and I’m over here writing a two paragraph review and don’t bother putting a “mini” label on it. I’ve always felt kind of self-conscious about the length of my posts, but I also try to write posts I’d want to read, and I tend to like short posts. So there.
  • Posts about writing. I haven’t been able to do one of these on this blog yet because I haven’t really written since NaNoWriMo of last year. However, when I was writing about my creative process and how the WIP was going on the other blog, I found it really encouraged me to keep going and helped me work some things out.
  • Posts about issues relating to diversity. Diversity issues of all kinds are really important to me, but I’m especially drawn to talking and caring about mental illness, queer issues, sexism, and racism. Sometimes, I really wish I was a bigger voice in the YA community online, because I want to encourage other white people to talk about race and other white women especially to not just care about sexism. I also think bloggers should be in on these conversations more, because we do have some influence in the book community, and it shouldn’t just be up to authors to do all the work in addition to the time they have to spend creating their work for us. Bloggers are in a special position to step up and help take on these issues, and I think we need to do that more as a whole.

What do you like writing about? How do you decide how long posts are going to be or what format they’re going to be in?

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First Quarter Faves 2018

Today, I want to share some of my favorite reads of 2018 so far. Since we are in month 4, April, we are already a quarter through the year! Fortunately, I read a lot more at this time this year than I did at this time last year, so I’ll actually have books to talk about in this post. For now, I’m going to stick with sharing my 4 most favorite books so far:

The Belles


My feelings about this one were actually quite mixed when I read it, and I was not sure if I really liked it or not. There were a lot of elements of it I did like, but I also had some doubts about other parts, like the romance, whether the MC was the right narrator, etc. However, since reading, I have not been able to stop thinking about this book. I loved the lush descriptions of Orleans and the beauty treatments, and also how dark and twisty it got as the book went on. The diversity aspect doesn’t hurt, either, and I think it was handled really well and gave this story even more of an impact. Though I wasn’t sure if I’d read the second book when I finished this book back in January, upon further reflection, I am very excited to see this series continue and to read more from Dhonielle Clayton.


Let’s Talk About Love


If I had to describe Let’s Talk About Love in one word, it would be “darling.” This book is simply all kinds of adorable, while also dealing with important issues like figuring out your future, going after what you want, and understanding your sexuality. It’s the first book I’ve read with an asexual character, and while I can’t speak to the representation from a personal perspective, I thought the author gave a nuanced presentation of asexuality and made it complex yet comprehensible. Alice is also a delightful character to read about, and though the romance is kind of insta-lovey, I still shipped the heck out of it.


Sea Witch


This one is pitched as a retelling of The Little Mermaid, but it’s actually an origin story for Ursula, the villain. I was a little unsure of this book when I first started it, but quickly grew very invested in it. I thought everything about this book was great, but especially the Danish setting and all of the relationships Evelyn had with the other characters, from Iker to Nikolas to Annamette. This book gave some seriously mysteriously magical vibes throughout, and I loved the inclusion of witchcraft and folklore and how those elements were woven into the story. I would absolutely die for a sequel to this book, and I’m sad I’ll have to wait until July for this one to be published because then it’ll be an even longer wait until Sarah Henning’s next book!


To Kill a Kingdom


If I had to pick, I’d say To Kill a Kingdom is my favorite of the year so far. After Sea Witch, I was definitely on a fantasy kick, so I picked this one up and gobbled it up pretty quickly. Christo’s debut is wonderfully dark, stabby, and romantic, with lots of great worldbuilding, character development, and a slow-burn romance that I shipped instantly. Lyra is such a great character and her growth from villain to at least anti-hero is compelling and addictive. All the side characters are exciting as well, from Elian’s shipmates to the two female royals who end up getting married! TKAK is for sure a new favorite and one I recommend to all fantasy lovers, along with the aforementioned Sea Witch.

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The Feminist Tag!

As you will discover the longer you follow this blog, I am a huge fan of tags even though nobody ever tags me because I am a smol, smol blogger, and I was SO excited to discover the Feminist Tag, because I am a former gender studies major, major feminist, and books + feminism theme obviously speaks to my soul. I discovered it via a new blog I found, Aurora Libralis, who used it for women’s history month, but I am borrowing it just for fun because again, tags + feminism + books = me happy :)) This tag was originally created in French by La Voix Du Livre and translated into English by Clemi’s Bookish World.

1 // your favorite female author

This is a tough one because I read mostly women, and thus most of my favorite authors are women. I’ve also noticed I have more favorite books than favorite authors, which I don’t know if that is weird or not?? But anyway, I would have to go with Jandy Nelson for this. She’s only written two books, but they were both equally good, and, therefore, she has yet to write a book I haven’t loved. So, she get’s the coveted title of Shayna’s Favorite Female Author.


2 // your favorite heroine

Yet another hard question, because I read mostly books about women. If I had to choose, I’d probably go with one of my childhood favorites, Lyra from The Golden Compass, which is probably my favorite series. Even though she is young, Pullman makes her such an interesting, nuanced, vibrant character, which is probably why this series seems to be enjoyed by readers of all ages.


3 // a novel with a feminist message

Whenever I think of the phrase “feminist book,” the first two books that pop into my head are always Libba Bray’s Beauty Queens, which I’ll talk about later, and Jennifer Donnelly’s first YA novel, A Northern Light, which I listened to on audio about 100 times as a kid. This book deals with so many issues relating to women and womanhood so well, and I think a lot of them could still be relevant to contemporary women though it’s a historical fiction novel. Maddie’s character journey is definitely a feminist one, and is all about finding power within yourself to live the life that you want to live, and I think that is a lot of what feminism helps people do.


4 // a novel with a girl on the cover

This could be so much of YA but I’m going to go with a recent release, The Belles, for this one, because it also has a feminist message and is very fitting for this tag. I had somewhat mixed feelings about this book, but given that I have literally dreamed about it and appear to regret not taking it with me when I moved, clearly it made more of an impression on me than I thought. Dhonielle Clayton’s first solo book deals with beauty standards through a fantasy lens, and I really enjoyed the sumptuous world-building of Orleans and how twisted and dark it got. Though I may not have loved it at first read, it definitely left an impression on me and I will most likely be reading book 2, which I hope has more Edel, who is obviously the most interesting and best Belle.


5 // a novel featuring a group of girls

Libba Bray’s Beauty Queens is an obvious choice for this one, and could be used as the answer for pretty much all of these prompts. I read this when it came out and Sarah Palin…happened…and it was such a cathartic, hopeful read that really made me feel better at the time I read it. It is a very diverse book that successfully satirizes many issues that girls still face, and I think if I were to reread it it would still be relevant.


6 // a novel with a queer feminine character

Ahhhh, yes, I get to use Let’s Talk About Love, which I forgot the title of for a hot second while writing this post. I absolutely adored this book, which features a black, biromantic asexual (possibly gray-sexual) protagonist. Alice is such a delightful character and totally stole my heart. She works in a library and has a passion for aesthetics and design, which made me like her even more.


7 // a novel with different feminine pov

For this one, I am going to have to go with A Torch Against the Night, the second Ember in the Ashes book, since it has both Laia and Helene’s POVs. Since it still has Elias’ POV I’m not sure if it counts completely, but I don’t read a lot of multi-POV books and thus have limited choices. I am very excited for A Reaper at the Gates and more Helene, though. She is such an interesting character and I hope she gets more page time.


8 // a book where a girl saves the world

Um, most YA books? YA is full of fierce women who save their various worlds, and it is great. One I read (or reread) most recently is Shatter Me by Tahereh Mafi. I didn’t like this one much when I reread it because for the most part Juliette reaaaaaally got on my nerves, but she does have character growth and become a stronger and more independent person by the non-end of the series. Hopefully I’ll like her better and she’ll be less annoying when I get around to reading Restore Me.


9 // a book where you prefer the female sidekick to the male mc

I honestly can’t think of any for this one. This is partially because I admittedly read mostly books by and about women. This is not something I have made any concentrated effort to do; it just tends to be what I gravitate toward.

10 // a book written by a male author featuring a female character

For some reason the first one that popped into my head is The Fault in Our Stars. I am not a huge John Green fan and don’t like him for a lot of reasons, but apparently he is still in my brain (and admittedly on my shelf; I still haven’t read Turtles All the Way Down since buying it). I am hoping I will like the MC in Turtles more than his other books.




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April TBR

I actually ended up reading quite a lot in March and was very happy about it. I hope to read 4-5 books this month since I have a few longer rereads on my TBR list, as well as catch up on some releases from earlier in the year and read some April releases. Here are some of the books I hope to read this month:


  • A Court of Mist and Fury / Sarah J. Maas // I tried to finally read ACOWAR last month, but was so lost within just the first few pages that I realized I would have to reread the last book in order to situate myself in the story and understand what was happening now. I’m a little annoyed with my series amnesia because ACOMAF is 600+ pages, but at least the book is excellent so it won’t be a hard reread.
  • A Torch Against the Night / Sabaa Tahir // This is only a “maybe” reread since I think I pretty much remember what happened, but am unsure if I fully understood what went on with the bracelet and Keenan. I don’t necessarily have to reread this one this month either, since A Reaper at the Gates isn’t coming until June (maybe this month, if my request for an ARC goes through, but even then I could put it off until next month).

Releases from Previous Months

  • The Cruel Prince / Holly Black // I was so excited to trade for an ARC of this one and then never read it?? I LOVE when Holly Black does fae because she does them so well and so right, and this book sounds all kinds of dark and twisty and perfect. Can’t wait to dig into TCP.
  • Here So Far AwayHadley Dyer // I’m interested to see how this one plays the teen girl falling for an older man story because it could get problematic really easily, but I’m also in the mood for a grittier romance even though I haven’t really been interested in contemporaries as much this year.
  • When My Heart Joins the Thousand / A. J. Steiger // This is another gritty contemp that I wasn’t interested in when I first heard about, but developed an interest after it came out. I read a little of it at B&N one day and thought it seemed like the type of contemp I would be into.
  • I Have Lost My Way / Gayle Forman // I am so ashamed that I haven’t read this yet because I LOVE Gayle Forman. I think I’m nervous about reading IHLMW because I didn’t like I Was Here as much as I hoped to, but hopefully this will live up to my very high expectations when I finally buckle down and read it.

April Books

  • Dread Nation / Justina Ireland // This one wasn’t super high on my TBR list at first because I was worried I wouldn’t like Justina’s books as much as I like her as a “figure” in the YA world, but as I’ve read more about it, I got more interested in it. Plus, it takes place in my city of Baltimore.
  • The Summer of Jordi Perez / Amy Spalding // I haven’t read Amy Spalding’s other books, but I will for sure be reading this one because FAT LGBT REP!! Queer girls who love fashion! Burgers! LA! YES YES!!
  • Leah on the Offbeat / Becky Albertalli // Another fat queer girl?? Is this real life? Plus by Becky Albertalli AKA Queen? Plus Leah is a girl drummer I think and my first girl crush was on a girl drummer?! This book just makes me happy and I haven’t even read it yet.


What are you reading this month? Which books have you missed from earlier in the year that you need to catch up on?

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some of the weird things that have happened to me at the library so far

Weird things happen in libraries all the time. It’s a side effect of working with the public that can range from amusing to scary depending on the situation, but it makes every day at the library different. My “weird” interactions up until this new job have been somewhat limited since I mostly worked in rural settings, but since working in a library in an urban center, my exposure to weird interactions has for sure been on the rise. We also happen to be down the street from a hospital, which explains at least one of the weird things in this post.

  1. Artsy death guy. This, like many interactions, started out like a perfectly normal conversation. This guy came up to me at the desk and said he loved my style and I looked very artsy, so we talked about being musicians and introduced ourselves. I figured that was the end of the conversation since I was letting him into a study room, but then he goes, “nice to meet you. I just got out of the hospital. I almost died.” And that was the end of that. He still comes in sometimes and says how “artsy” I seem, which is starting to get vaguely annoying, but not as annoying as the next guy…
  2. Prayer guy. So, last week, a man came up to the desk and said “stay pretty and God bless you.” Okay, not my favorite, because a) strange man telling me I’m attractive and b) I’m an atheist. Guy comes to ask for a pencil. Guy says a prayer, ends it by saying “stay pretty and God bless you” again. Me: this is not great. I go down to children’s to get craft stuff and pass by his chair. He says it AGAIN. I mention it to the security guard while I’m downstairs, but unfortunately she can’t really do anything because she wasn’t there when it happened and he didn’t do anything weird. Unfortunately again, he comes to give me the pencil back and says it for a FOURTH TIME. Me: am now officially creeped out, have a lunch break.
  3. Hillary Clinton guy. Technically this happened outside the library. I was going to a book club thing that a work pal runs, and as I was walking back to the library, a guy shouts “hey, I like your hair.” I turn around to say thanks, since I’m used to getting comments about my hair now that it’s pink and vibrant and very noticeable. Obviously this is a mistake I shouldn’t have made, especially because then he starts ranting and shouting, “It reminds me of Hillary Clinton. You didn’t like her, did you? Do you have a pillow of her face in your purse?” finally I make it back into the library. *end scene*
  4. Obamacare guy. Apparently this guy is a known nut by everyone. As a rule, we have to help people access information even if we don’t agree with it, because access and equity is a major library value. However, we do not have to listen to people’s rants about their political views. So, this guy comes up to my partner and I at the desk and starts saying oh hey, you guys are new, which seems like a normal conversation, but then he busts out with, “Obamacare is death by guillotine.” Me: WTF face. He then goes, “I just like to make new faces aware of this,” and shows us this paper of citations with parts highlighted and asks us if we’d like to read the sources. We definitely declined.

These conversations with patrons are by no means the weirdest things that have ever happened to a librarian, and are also definitely not the last weird things that will ever happen to me as a librarian. On the one hand, being shouted at and subjected to people’s idiotic political views is not great, but on the other, it certainly does make every day at the library a unique adventure. I don’t think I will ever know how to respond to someone commenting on my physical appearance, which  I think is extremely inappropriate, and I don’t think I’ll ever get used to it, but I know working with the public can be challenging at times and I’m up for it.

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April Goals

It is a new month, with another month gone. That means time for wrap-up/review/rewind posts, which I really enjoy writing for some reason, but, also, GOALS posts. Because it’s good to have goals. To be honest, I hardly ever end up keeping the goals I set for myself at the beginning of a year or month, but I still like writing them down because it gives me something to work for and helps me keep my priorities on track. Plus, it’s just fun to write.

so, here are some goals for April:

  1. Read 4 books. I was originally going to go for 5, but the books I want to read this month are longer than usual, plus last month was super unusual for me in terms of making time for reading and my reading speed, so I’m going to keep it at a nice, hopefully manageable 4.
  2. Continue blogging. It’s probably a little bit sad that I actually have to make this a goal for myself considering I just started things up again. However, as you may recall from the struggling post, I am STRUGGLING. I’m just upset and frustrated by stats and feel like I’m never going to have the type of success I want blogging, but at the same time, I clearly enjoy doing it since I keep coming back to it, so I think I should stick with it a little longer and see how things go.
  3. Camp NaNoWriMo? This one is a question mark because I’m just so stressed out lately and have a full-time work schedule so I don’t know when I’d be able to find time to write. I really want to get back to Queer Bookish WIP, but I need something to excite and motivate me to start writing it/rewriting it. Probably rewriting/revising 27,000 words in a month is relatively reasonable because I’m not creating anything new, but the trouble is a) finding the time and b) gaining the motivation.
  4. Work out more. I’ve been really falling behind on getting in 10,000 steps every day for a couple months now. I just can’t motivate myself to do it like I did when I was living at home and only working part time. I feel like I simply don’t have the time to do it with my schedule and also feeling so tired all the time. Still, I really want to lose weight and be more fit, so I should try to do at least 10-15 minutes of active exercise to get myself back into it for a few days a week.
  5. Get up to 150 followers on Instagram. I just started a new bookstagram account at @awordandawhisper. I’m enjoying my book photo experiments thus far, and like that I actually gain likes and follows, unlike on this blog. It’s very validating and fun, and I want to increase my following and my skillzzz.
  6. Make the apartment more homely. As I’ve mentioned in prior posts, the new apartment still doesn’t feel like home. Getting the new couch really helped, but I still feel like it’s constantly a mess and there are still boxes everywhere and the wall art has no frames and feels like posters in a dorm and it just makes me sad to go home to it. I’m hoping that getting pillows without patterns that look like swastikas on them and a cool witchy tapestry and some frames for wall art will help things out a little bit.



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March in Review // Reading happened and also mermaids

March was…what even happened in March? I worked, I slept, I worked some more, I cuddled cats and my bae, and…I read? I did. I READ BOOKS!! I can’t remember the last time I read 8 books in a month. Definitely not since college. But it happened! Two of them were poetry books, to be fair, but the rest were novels, and I am very, very pleased with my newly reinvigorated reading speed and intensity.

Before we get to reading though, some life stuff: I am still getting used to the new job and apartment, and both are very stressful. I never feel like I’m doing enough at the job and I’m worried I’ll never be good at being a librarian even though it’s what I want to do and my Very Official Career Path That I Got A Degree For. The apartment still doesn’t feel like home yet, but I’m trying to remedy that by getting a cool witchy tapestry and frames for my wall art so I don’t feel like I’m living in a slightly bigger college dorm. Fortunately, I’m really excited about and loving the kittens again, though they are quite naughty, and having them around is really nice when my boyfriend can’t be with me.

I’ve been feeling really frustrated and dry creatively though, and it’s starting to make me feel a little depressed, to be honest. I’m not writing, I haven’t been playing music, and basically the only fun creative thing I do is sing in the car. I love singing and would love to try it in a more performance way but don’t think I’m probably good enough. I’m going to make a more conscious effort to pick up the flute and violin every once in a while this month, and I might also try to participate in Camp NaNoWriMo to revise my NaNo novel half from last year, because I did love writing it.

What I Read

As I mentioned, I read 8 books this month:

1. To Kill a Kingdom – Alexandra Christo
2. Dumplin’ – Julie Murphy
3. Shatter Me – Tahereh Mafi
4. Unravel Me – Tahereh Mafi
5. Solo – Kwame Alexander
6. Ignite Me – Tahereh Mafi
7. Pillow Thoughts – Courtney Peppernell
8. The Witch Doesn’t Burn in This One – Amanda Lovelace

I also did some rereads, which is rare for me. I reread the Shatter Me trilogy to prep for reading Restore Me, but was honestly not as enthused by them as I was when I was a teen. Those books and Pillow Thoughts were my least favorite books, though PT was more disliked. That writer literally only wrote about love, which was just a little grating and boring.

The best book I read was definitely To Kill A Kingdom, which is an amazing and glorious stabby, romantic, dark siren fantasy. I loved that book to pieces and can’t recommend it enough. I also loved Solo, which I had to read for my job along with Dumplin (which I didn’t like as much), which surprised me because I went into it basically only knowing that it was written in verse. Solo is a super unique (and diverse!!) book that blew me away, and I’m really glad it’s one of our summer reading books this year because I will promote it so so hard that every kid who comes in will end up reading it.


I also started rereading A Court of Mist and Fury because I tried to read ACOWAR but apparently forgot LITERALLY EVERYTHING and now need to reread a 600+ page book so I can read a 700+ page book so I can read the new less than 300 page one :/ however I get to watch my OTP happen all over again so? *shrugs*


Blogging Things

Obviously the biggest blogging thing to happen this month is that I started blogging again! I have missed having a corner of the Internet to call my own, but I am already feeling a bit sad and frustrated because I feel like I’ll never be a “successful” blogger or have as many followers and get as many views as I want.

On a happier note, I also started a bookstagram! I have been wanting to experiment with bookstagram but have been afraid to because I don’t have photography skills or a lot of physical copies or a lot of things to put in the photos. However, I am enjoying playing with a minimalist style and am proud of my 100 followers within the first two weeks.

you can follow my via @awordandawhisper!!



  1. Tarte’s mermaid collection. I love makeup stuff for some reason and I love mermaids, so obviously I was excited for a mermaid themed collection from one of my fave makeup brands. The brushes with little mermaid tails are very pretty but don’t hold product well, which is annoying. However, I love the liquid lipstick and the holographic liquid lipstick. Both are very prett.
  2. Dua Lipa’s album. I know this isn’t new, but it was new to me. I was vaguely aware of it when it came out but not interested, but in February on my drive down to Maryland I listened to a podcast about pop music and one of the songs from it was featured and I needed some new music, so I tried it out. It’s totally different than my usual jams, but it’s super fun and I really enjoy listening to it on my commutes. IDGAF is my fave song, closely followed by New Rules, which is the one that intro’ed me to her.
  3. Top Chef and Masterchef. Boyfriend got me into Top Chef on my own, but then wanted to watch together, so that is our new show. I wanted one to watch on my own though, so I tried Masterchef again, and ended up really liking it. Top Chef has more drama, but Masterchef has better challenges and more interesting judges (Gordon Ramsey!!), so it’s nice to have both. I’m starting from season 1 of MC and really want Whitney to win!! *no spoilers, plz*


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Cats as Library Patrons: Pros and Cons

Cats as library patrons

Since this is a Very Serious Book Blog and I am a Very Serious Librarian obviously, this is intended to be a Very Serious reflection on the pros and cons of having cats as library patrons instead of humans. Humans, as any librarian will tell you, come with their own set of problems that can range from vaguely annoying to downright scary. This librarian thinks there is definitely some merit to the idea of replacing human library patrons with cats, and hopefully the pros will outweigh the cons on this list and show you why…


  • Very cute
  • Quiet for the most part
  • Won’t ask if computers are down when signs saying computers are down are taped over the computers
  • Won’t yell at you about fines
  • So soft
  • Provide good company when library is understaffed
  • Will provide headbutts if you’re upset about another cat
  • Won’t get annoyed if you can’t give them more than five free printed pages
  • Snuggly




  • Litter box maintenance
  • No eating in the library
  • Will probably knock over books at some point
  • Might chew book corners
  • Could perhaps pee on books
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Books on my Amazon Wishlist

Probably one of my favorite gifts to receive is honestly an Amazon giftcard. I love Barnes & Noble and going shopping in a physical bookstore, but now that I’m financially independent and have to save more money, I’ve been turning to online book shopping a lot more, and Amazon often has better deals on physical copies of books than B&N does, honestly. There are a bunch of great books coming out between April and May that I really want and have been on my wishlist since foreeeeever, and today I’m going to share some that I’d really like to preorder:


A Court of Frost & Starlight – Sarah J. Maas

To be fair, I haven’t even read the most recently published book in the series, ACOWAR, yet, and am currently in the process of rereading the second book, ACOMAF. I honestly probably won’t even be done with ACOWAR by the time this book is released, but I know I’m going to read it and will thus be in want of the fourth book as soon as book 3 is complete. It’ll be so nice that I won’t have to wait a year or more in between book releases this time since I procrastinated so much on this series. I love, love, love this series and am so looking forward to rereading the romance bloom between Feyre and Rhysand, my ultimate OTP even though Rhysand is my one true book boyfriend.


Legendary – Stephanie Garber

I almost decided to wait with this one because I’m getting an ARC of it soon, but I decided that I really want to have a full Caraval collection. My ARCs and FCs will all look so pretty together on my newly organized bookshelves, which now highlight my collections. I am so stoked for another book from the Caraval world even though I loved the first book as a standalone because it was just so magically fabulous.


Leah on the Offbeat – Becky Albertalli

Honestly, I don’t remember Leah’s character at all from Simon, but I don’t care because she’s BISEXUAL and FAT and a MUSICIAN!! I’ve never seen myself so closely represented in a book and I’m so thrilled that Becky Albertalli is the author to give me that chance. I was a little disappointed with The Upside of Unrequited, but I am confident that I will adore Leah’s story.


The Way You Make Me Feel – Maurene Goo

This one is one I’m still debating whether I should buy or not since I do have an eARC. For some reason, TWYMMF is the full list price on both B&N and Amazon, which makes me a little hesitant to buy it right now because I have other books I want just as much that I don’t have the option of reading any other way. If it’s as amazing as I Believe in a Thing Called Love, I’ll definitely be buying it eventually when I have money to spare, but for now it’s still up in the air. However, I don’t see how a book about a girl who does pranks and has to work on a Korean food truck could be anything but good, so I have a feeling this one will make it to my shelves eventually.

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