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I think (????? sometimes I think ?????) I’ve talked on here a bit about how I am very into bullet journaling, a trend that is basically a personal planner but pretty and creative, on this blog. If I haven’t, you might have noticed that I love bullet journaling because of my most recent posts on my very smol Instagram, which is now dedicated to both books and bullet journal (I’m still trying to figure out lighting so my journaling actually shows up in photos. Meh.)

I’ve also talked a lot about being in need of a hobby/general things to do when I am not at work. One of the things I’ve decided to try is keeping a bullet journal specifically for books, which I have been working on for the past month or so. Today, I’m going to share some of the pages, collections, lists, etc., that I hope to put in my bookish bullet journal.


Record of physical unread books and ARCs

I haven’t actually bought too many books recently, which is good, but I still have two and a half shelves on my unread books shelf of books I bought and ARCs that still have to be read, so the first pages in my bookish bujo are dedicated to those books. I decided to keep them separate from my eARCs because I don’t want to forget what format they’re in/where they are in my collection.



List of past eARCs

My list of past eARCs from previous years is…embarrassingly long. I have been super terrible about keeping up with eARCs, and it’s gotten worse since becoming a librarian and requesting as a librarian and not as a blogger, so I don’t have to review by a certain time (not that I ever did that anyway…I was a bad blogger in my former life). So, I have three collections of lists of eARCs: one for books published before 2017, one for books from 2017, and one for books from 2018.



Social media calendar??

I’m iffy about putting this one in because I don’t schedule my blog posts; I just write them and schedule them as they come to me and this has worked for me for the past 6 years. However, I do sometimes think of blog post ideas that I want to write down, and I’d like to start scheduling out Instagram posts so I can be more consistent about posting.


Calendar of new releases

This would be very useful to include so I can keep up with what’s coming out. However, I don’t know if I’d want to keep track of what’s coming out just that month or that month and the next month, since I’d like to read books on time or ahead of time. I could also keep a list of books that are coming out that I have copies of, or books that I don’t have copies of, or both. There are (too) many options.



TBR schedule

Since my major reading slump, I’ve been debating scheduling out my monthly TBR. I feel like this would help combat not being in the mood for anything but still getting myself to read, plus it would help me be better about reading ARCs on time.


Wish list

Of various books and bookish merch. This is pretty self-explanatory.


Books acquired throughout the month

Whether it’s physical ARCs, finished copies, or eARCs, I do want to start keeping track of the books I get. I do this on Goodreads somewhat, but sometimes I want to have a physical record to look at where everything is all in one place, because I put books on different shelves on Goodreads so I can’t see them all together. Plus, I think I’d like to start having book hauls in my monthly wrap-up posts.


That’s what I’ve got planned so far for my bookish bullet journal. Do any of you keep physical, non-digital records of bookish things? Does anyone else bullet journal?

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  1. oo i love bullet journaling and books – some of my favourite two things together! i really enjoyed how you have spreads for your reading and how minimalistic it is. also your notebook cover is just … !!! happy reading and journaling, mel!

  2. I love bullet journaling! I’m not super good at making those things pretty though! I do keep an online notebook with lists of things I want to do for my blog and Instagram and ideas and that sort of thing…

  3. I’m a planning junkie and BuJo addict! Already planning my 2019 BuJo as well! XD
    Great collections I have most but didn’t have a List of past eARCs! Great idea! I’m adding a list of “pending Book Mail” to keep track of all the books I get in th email because I tend to forget πŸ™‚

  4. Love this! I’ve been really into bullet journaling as well this year and I hope that as the new year approaches I can use it to keep better track of book blogging things. I usually don’t schedule posts as well, but I’ve been falling into hiatuses lately and I hope that maybe scheduling posts can help prevent that. And keeping track of e-arcs is always important! I’ve whittled down my requesting a lot this year but I still have a book left I have yet to review on Netgalley.

    claire @ clairefy

    1. I’d like to try keeping track of more blogging things, or at least social media things. And I hope scheduling helps you with your hiatuses!

  5. I have a bullet journal for all things bookish! πŸ“š I donβ€˜t think I would be able to use a BuJo for my everyday life and planning, but it works for my reading so well ☺️ good luck with your new BuJo! πŸ™‚

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