Pop Culture Readathon: 90s Edition Possibilities

Hello! I am here! I still exist! Which is a shock even to me sometimes, lol. During quarantine, I haven’t felt much like blogging or reading (or doing much of anything except ordering out food and watching reality shows about food and houses), but I’m going back to work on July 7th and I’m hoping that will give me a sense of normalcy, and also encourage me to read more indirectly.

I also saw the Pop Culture Readathon based on 90s movies and it looked so fun that I can’t resist signing up even though I’ve been the worst at readathons for the past couple years, but maybe seeing blogging friends do it will help motivate me.

I was really torn between three different boards, Teen Dream, Thrill Ride, and Family Affair, but ultimately decided that I think I could achieve a bingo most easily with Family Affair and Thrill Ride (plus, a lot of my favorite movies like Scream and Jurassic Park were on Thrill Ride so I may have to do some reading from that board just because I love those movies. Maybe I don’t hate the 90s as much as I thought).

Here are some of the titles I am thinking about reading for the Family Affair prompts:

Read a standalone – There are a bunch of middle grade books I want to read for my upcoming September virtual book talk program on Hispanic Heritage Month books, and I could fit many of them into this prompt. I’m probably going to read Stella Diaz has Something to Say, Merci Suarez Changes Gears, The First Rule of Punk, or Strange Birds for this prompt. I also think it’s fitting to do MG for at least one of the prompts because the theme is “Family”

Read a book set in a “wild” landscape – OMG, I am totally gonna read Surrender Your Sons by Adam Sass for this; it is one of my absolutely most anticipated books of the year. A group of queer teens trying to escape a conversion therapy island? Sign me up.

Read a book with a dark cover – I have a lot of options for this prompt as well, but I think I might go with Gloomtown or Star Daughter for this one. Gloomtown is another MG book that’s supposed to be very spooky, and Star Daughter is a book inspired by Hindu mythology that I’ve been dying to read.

Read a book involving sports – I’m going to read Head over Heels for this prompt, since it’s about gymnastics. I actually usually end up really liking books about sports despite not being at all athletic. I find them fascinating because it’s a subject I don’t know anything about.

I’m also debating doing the Thrill Ride board if I can read enough this month (i .e. More than my no books a month during quarantine). Here are some of the books I’m thinking of reading for Thrill Ride:

Read a book set on the island/coast/body of water – I realized I could read Wilder Girls for this prompt and was so psyched because I keep meaning to read this book, although maybe reading a book where the characters are all in quarantine on an island might be a little too real right now.

Read a mystery or thriller – I know I have more mysteries/thrillers on my TBR but the only one that came to mind was one I just downloaded, She’s Too Pretty to Burn, which is a lesbian thriller.

Book w/ a haunted or creepy feel – I would like to read Burn our Bodies Down for this book, which is the second book by the author of Wilder Girls. I may also read Mexican Gothic because I have an eARC of it and I REALLY want to read it.

Book w/the undead – This is another one where I know I have books on my TBR for this but can’t think of many. Maybe I’ll read the gay vampire book Fell of Dark for this one. Or I’ll finally read Ninth House.

I am hoping to read at least 4 books for Pop Culture Readathon, aka 1 bingo on 1 board. I still have one book I started in June to finish before I get started, so hopefully writing this post will motivate me to read that book so next week at the library when we have no patrons I can read in between shelf reading.

Are you participating in Pop Culture Readathon? What board are you using? Tell me in the comments!

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  1. So happy to see you on my feed again! 🥰 A Readathon definitely seems like a great idea to get back to reading 😊 I definitely need to read Ninth House as well, I keep putting off reading it because it’s rather dark 😮

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