September Goals

Ahhh the end of the month/beginning of a new month posts! Yay! I honestly don’t know why I do these goals posts since I hardly ever follow my goals. Probably just because I love writing goals posts. Ah, well. Whatever floats my boat I guess?

First, let’s recap how I did with my August goals:

  • Read 5 books. !!     I did this! I read 9 books.
  • Write 5,000 words of novel. XXXXXXX      lolol I DEFINITELY didn’t do this, or work on the novel at all, actually. I pretty much decided to stop writing or trying to write for a while again.
  • Do one healthy thing per day.        XXXX           did not do this, huge surprise
  • Try to make mornings more relaxing.       !X      I didn’t really “try” to do this, but I was less annoyed by Corey watching stressful news shows? So I guess that’s something
  • Enjoy a guilt-free staycation/birthday.           X          did not do this. I felt guilty about not having a relaxing or enjoyable staycation, because I beat myself up about literally EVERYTHING.
  • Relax more in general.          !X          looking back, I don’t know if I did this??
  • Decorate our bedroom.          !!          I did do this! I started making a wall of bookish prints from OwlCrate and other sources, and it looks cool so far.


September Goals

  • Read 6 books. I’m upping my reading goal for the month. Hopefully this isn’t one of those weird months were I read only two books.
  • Find a new show. Now that Corey is back in school, I will unfortunately have time for shows that are not Masterchef. I’ve rewatched Top Model and Project Runway to death, so I think I need something new. I’m not really in the mood for a story, so I might try The Bachelorette or something. However, the new Netflix show The Innocents does look really good, and everyone loves Brooklyn 99, so I might try one of those as well.
  • Find a new hobby. I read at work and blog at work, but have no fun things really that I do when I’m at home. I feel like all I do is go to work, come home, shower, eat, then sleep. I don’t do any fun things, even on the weekends, really. I don’t play music anymore because it makes me sad and I don’t have the motivation, but outside of music and reading, I’ve really never had another hobby. I’m thinking about experimenting more with book photos or creative lettering, since I love journaling so much.
  • Keep the apartment looking nice more often. Anyone who has seen a living space I inhabit will tell you I am…not the cleanest person. I just get so stressed by any amount of mess that I can’t deal with it and it gets bigger and bigger, and then I ask my boyfriend to do it because I can’t handle it. I have cleaning on my self-care chart because I KNOW it makes me feel better to have things looking nice, but I can’t motivate myself to do it on my own. But I need to, because I need to feel at home in my apartment, because it is my home now.
  • Try a new grocery store. This seems like a silly goal, but it is hard to motivate myself to go to a grocery store that’s even only 10 or 15 minutes away when Weis is literally across the street from me. However, my groceries are overly expensive for what I’m actually buying, and my boyfriend did some research and found that Weis is one of the more expensive grocery stores in the US. Plus, they don’t have a lot of options for foods, so I’m stuck buying whatever they have when I could probably find a cheaper option elsewhere.



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  1. I really liked reading your goals! It makes me want to make goals like this too! I never thought about using my blog as a way to keep track of my goals and measuring how I’m doing every month! Thanks for a great post 🙂 I hope you are able to accomplish them 🙂

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