Spring Fling Read-A-Thon TBR


I am so happy I discovered this readathon, courtesy of Caro @ The Bookcheshire Cat. I LOVE readathons and reading events, and I haven’t done a challenge-y one in a while, so this seemed like a fun place to start! The Spring Fling runs from May 15th to June 15th, allowing for a lot of reading time! Fortunately, I discovered it the day before it officially begins! Woohoo!

These are the prompts, plus the books I’m thinking about reading for each one:


Flower Power – a book covered in flowers


If I don’t finish THE DEEPEST ROOTS today, that’ll be my pick for this one, but if I do, I’ll read THE SECRET OF A HEART NOTE!

Popping Daisies – a new spring release


I have a TON of books I could read for this prompt, but these three are ones I was already hoping to read for Bout of Books, which runs this week until Sunday. The first two could probably also count for the Ice Cream/books that melt your heart prompt, as I am anticipating so many fuzzy feels.


Birdsong – a musical book


This book is about a rockstar…who’s bisexual!! I love the cover of this book in general, but especially because her hair is the colors of the bisexual pride flag!


May Flowers – a book you always read in spring


Honestly, I didn’t really have any books that fit this prompt. This is because…I don’t reread. The only times I actually reread books is when I’m rereading the previous book in a series in preparation for the next book that’s coming out. However, I have been meaning to continue this series for forever, and the last time I reread DIE FOR ME was maybe in spring? So this book goes with this prompt.


Spring Clean – a book you’ve been meaning to read forever


I think I’ve been meaning to read this book since the deal was announced at least 3 years ago, and I’ve had an eARC of it for an embarrassingly long time. I’m not sure why I avoid this book so much, but probably because I have such high hopes for it since it was comped to BLACK SWAN and PRETTY LITTLE LIARS.


Nature Calls – a book surrounded in nature


So, technically this is not a very spring-y book since it takes place in Siberia. Still, that is about as nature-y as I’m about to read, since I am not an outdoor person at all.


Ice Cream – a book that melts your heart


I’m dearly hoping this book will be good and will melt my little ice heart. It’s fluffy and queer, so the chances of that are pretty high though.


Spring Showers – a book that makes you cry


Books don’t usually make me cry because I have no heart apparently, but if I did cry during books, Katie Cotugno’s second book, 99 DAYS, would’ve been a tear-filled roller coaster. That was a very emotional book, and I’m expecting the sequel to be equally so. Also, I love the symmetry of the first book being called 99 DAYS and the second being 9 DAYS AND 9 NIGHTS. Such perfection.


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  1. Omg I’m so glad that I could introduce you to this Readathon! 💗 I’m already very excited that it’s starting now and you have a lot of great books on your list 🙂 I recently read The Brightsiders and absolutely loved it, so I hope that you end up liking it as well, it’s definitely a great book! I’ve also been wanting to read Autoboyography for so long, but somehow never got around to it.

    1. I’m not sure, tbh. I like the voice and the magic, but not much has happened in the story and I’m pretty sure I know there’ll be a romance. I do like it so far though for the most part

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