tarot reading: the gravity of us

For today’s post in THE GRAVITY OF US Week, I will be doing a relationship spread for Cal and love interest Leon.




cal’s feelings about leon


When you get the Magician in a reading, it signals a time is coming of new ideas that have a spark of divine energy behind them. In a love reading, my interpretation is that Cal and Leon are an excellent match (or at least Cal feels very strongly that he and Leon are an excellent match).


leon’s feelings for cal


The Fool is actually a relatively positive card to get in a reading because he symbolizes renewed hope and wonder. In this reading, this signifies that Leon is hopeful that his relationship with Cal will be successful.

what brings you together


The Empress is a “mothering” card that encourages you to be creative and is loving and generous. This card suggests you need to take time to grow and nurture what you love. Cal and Leon are certainly connected to each other, but this to me implies that they need to actually take the time to nurture their relationship and not get distracted by what’s going on around them.


strengths of the relationship


The Five of Wands is a card dealing with personal development and at times business ventures. This card says that though you may feel unstable in a new venture, it’s important to remember your drive and passion. Both Cal and Leon are very driven people, and I think that part of them is part of what they’re both attracted to in each other.


relationship weakness


This card implies that while you have security in a venture or relationship, it will come at a cost. Cal’s cost for being in a relationship with Leon and pursuing it past high school graduation is that he won’t move back to New York with his best friend Deb as he planned. His focus on his own pursuits, including his journalism projects and his new romance, also puts his relationship with Deb at risk and leaves her feeling left behind and left out.


can it be successful?


The Emperor is a card representing strength and bravery. This suggests to me that after the story ends, Cal and Leon’s relationship could be successful if Cal is brave enough to let go of what he thought he wanted before. He has to be willing to take the reins of his situation and move forward, and not be held back by plans he made in the past before his family moved to the NASA base and he met Leon.



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that time i drew the tower before starting a new job

If you’ve been following me for a while, you’ll know that a) I’m a librarian and b) that back in August, I transferred libraries in the library system where I had been working for over a year to become a children’s librarian. Though I was excited for this change because I’ve been interested in becoming a children’s librarian, I was also very nervous because it was, well, a change. So, being witchy, I decided to consult my tarot cards.

The card I ended up pick was the tower.


Now, for those who aren’t familiar with tarot, the tower is not one of the more desirable cards. People dread picking the Tower, along with Death, the Devil, and some of the minor arcana like Three of Swords, because the Tower represents a shattering and destruction of a fundamental structure in your life.

So, naturally, I was a little upset about getting the Tower right before making a major life change.

Now that I’ve been at the job for a few months, I can say that this card was probably accurate. In some ways, it was accurate in the traditional, negative way. By transferring, I did lose daily in-person contact with my best work friend, who has always been a major source of support for me since starting this job.

But, the Tower also seems to represent in this case a huge change in my life in terms of shattering some old attitudes I had about the job and saying “good riddance” to them. Since starting my recovery journey from depression, I’ve definitely noticed a huge change in my attitude about my job. I’m a lot better at not blaming myself when people, whether it be patrons or coworkers, are negative towards me when it’s not actually my fault. I actually enjoy helping people, and am willing to sit with someone to solve their problem. A lot of my main fears about the job have started to ebb and go away, which has made the day-to-day of the job much less stressful.

The Tower can represent a change in the structures of your life, and a change in PERSPECTIVE. The “structure” that has been shattered the most is my overbearing negativity about my job. I’m sure there will be times when I don’t like it, but my hope is that overall, I’ll be able to remember why I became a librarian in the first place.

In the end, the Tower card ended up being an accurate representation of my experience on this job, though not for the negative reasons I first predicted. Because the Tower came to pass, I’m a lot stronger, both as a person and as a librarian. So, if you get a card like the Tower in a tarot reading, it’s not necessarily a reason to be afraid! Sometimes, a card like the Tower can just mean that you should open yourself up to change and, if you’re lucky, you can still come out on top.

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tarot reading: house of salt and sorrows

Today’s tarot reading is for a book I read a couple months ago, HOUSE OF SALT AND SORROWS by Erin A. Craig. I did a short reading on my Instagram a while ago and promised to expand upon it on the blog and never did, so I guess it’s time I remedy that! Usually when I do a tarot reading for a book, I post it before I read or finish it, but this time, I’m going to include the original reading and also whether it was accurate! Without further ado, here’s the tarot reading for HOUSE OF SALT AND SORROWS:



the lovers

The question I asked the cards was whether I’d end up liking the book. At the time I asked, I was debating DNFing the book because the writing was very slow and the MC was a bit lackluster. When I drew the lovers, I decided to keep reading, because while the lovers can be a card about relationships, it can also indicate that you are making a choice for something you know is meant for you. The lovers can represent a person or a passion, so it is a positive card to get. This led me to believe I should keep reading the book.


was it accurate?

Unfortunately, it was not. There were times when I liked the book. For instance, I loved the setting and the manor and Verity, one of the MC’s little sisters, but unfortunately, the story really fell flat for me. Annaleigh, the main character, had next to no personality, and honestly I kept forgetting it was narrated in first person because she was so dull and weirdly not part of the story? She just didn’t seem to have a pivotal role that really changed the story in any way. Also BARF to the romance. Annaleigh fell for the first man outside her family/family friends that she met, and they had ZERO chemistry. I did not feel the romance at all. Also, the big reveal to who was behind the curse didn’t have enough build up, but I still guessed who it was very early on. Also, the story was painfully slow at times and got extremely dull in too many places.

If you’re still interested in reading the book, here’s the synopsis from Goodreads:


In a manor by the sea, twelve sisters are cursed.

Annaleigh lives a sheltered life at Highmoor, a manor by the sea, with her sisters, their father, and stepmother. Once they were twelve, but loneliness fills the grand halls now that four of the girls’ lives have been cut short. Each death was more tragic than the last—the plague, a plummeting fall, a drowning, a slippery plunge—and there are whispers throughout the surrounding villages that the family is cursed by the gods.

Disturbed by a series of ghostly visions, Annaleigh becomes increasingly suspicious that the deaths were no accidents. Her sisters have been sneaking out every night to attend glittering balls, dancing until dawn in silk gowns and shimmering slippers, and Annaleigh isn’t sure whether to try to stop them or to join their forbidden trysts. Because who—or what—are they really dancing with?

When Annaleigh’s involvement with a mysterious stranger who has secrets of his own intensifies, it’s a race to unravel the darkness that has fallen over her family—before it claims her next.

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tarot reading: the raven boys

Okay, so I am having a total tarot field day with THE RAVEN BOYS. There’s actual tarot in the book that plays a role in the story, so obviously I had to do my own tarot reading for one of the characters. I was especially intrigued by Whelk’s tarot reading scene where he got the Blue card (aka Page of Cups), so I decided to do my own for him using my Kawaii tarot app, based on the Kawaii tarot deck that is the most accurate deck I have, and DAMN…things got WEIRD.

***also, please note I am currently reading the first Raven Cycle book so please no spoilers in the comments. Probably don’t need to say that but just in case***

Okay, so.

The question I asked was whether the character Barrington Whelk, the vaguely creepy Latin teacher at Aglionby, will find Glendower (I think I’m spelling that relatively correctly), the Welsh king that Gansey and Co. want to find, with a three card reading. The three cards represent Whelk’s past, present, and future.




So, the thing I don’t like about the Kawaii tarot app is that it doesn’t do reversed card meanings. I haven’t decided yet if I want to use reversed meanings in my own readings, but I do feel it brings more nuance to tarot readings. This card would also make more sense with Whelk’s story if it were reversed. Upright, it means that you’re working hard and though it might not bring monetary gain, you are taking yourself to a higher place in your career. If it were reversed, I would take it to mean that Whelk feels stagnant in his career and probably add in something about the monetary gain being what he desires most.

That would definitely fit with Whelk’s background story more because he teaches at Aglionby but hates it because it reminds him of everything he has lost. I could have also drawn this card because honestly I feel the Kawaii deck tends to err on the side of positivity, so it probably just wants Whelk to be happy even though he is a deeply unhappy, dissatisfied person.




The Wheel of Fortune represents the cycles of our lives and how our luck can go up or down. The interpretation of this card really depends on how you personally view luck and chance, and can also depend on the other cards present in the reading. Since I chose to interpret the Eight of Pentacles as reversed and negative, I see this card as indicating that Whelk’s fortunes are about to change, so the answer to my original query about whether he will find the sleeping king might be that he is on the path to find him.


now, this is where it gets freaky.

I have no control over which cards I draw. When I do a physical reading with actual cards, I guess I could have somewhat more control. But this reading I did with the app, which chooses cards automatically. This is the card that it chose for Whelk’s future:



What’s freaky about this, is that if you know this series really well, you know that Maura, Blue’s mother, believes that Blue is represented in the tarot deck by the Page of Cups card. When Maura and her friends Calla and Persephone participated in Whelk’s reading in the book, they all drew the Page of Cups card as the final card in their readings, which caused Maura to stop the reading because she didn’t want Blue to be involved and saw something that disturbed her.

I also drew the Page of Cups for Whelk.

My Kawaii tarot deck is often freakishly accurate, but I have never had something quite so uncannily accurate happen yet.


This card implies that Blue is inextricably linked to Whelk’s future. Because of her unintentional skills in amplifying supernatural powers, abilities, and general happenings, I can only guess that Whelk will try to use blue in another ritual to find the ley line, like he did in the ritual that killed his friend Czerny (BUT DOES ANYONE KNOW HOW TO PRONOUNCE THAT THOUGH???) Whether she likes it or not, Blue will be a part of Whelk’s journey to find the sleeping Welsh king.



^behold the freakishly accurate reading

(isn’t that creepy though)

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tarot reading: the paper and hearts society

Hello! I am back with another tarot post after a long accidental hiatus from witchy posts even though being witchy is part of my brand and literally in my blog name. I haven’t been doing witchy things in my real life so that’s probably why, since I’ve just been too busy and generally uninspired in that way. But, I have been wanting to get back into witchy things both in life and my blog, so here’s to me finding some inspiration for witchy posts.

Today, I’ll be doing a tarot reading for a book I’m currently reading, THE PAPER AND HEARTS SOCIETY by booktuber Lucy Powrie. THE PAPER AND HEARTS SOCIETY is about Tabby, who is a super awkward, anxious bookish girl who recently moved in with her grandma to get away from some mysterious Thing That Happened with her old friends, who were definitely mean girls. When she goes to the library near her grandma’s house one day, she finds an invitation to a book club and joins even though she’s really nervous about it and thinks she won’t fit in, and finds a cool group of people who have similar interests and are really fun.


Friendship is the biggest theme in this book, which makes my heart feel super warm and fuzzy. Tabby is deal with a lot in terms of friendship, including trying to feel comfortable with her new friends even though she has really low self-esteem, and also fielding mean texts from her old best friend, Jess, who is trash, and dealing with some weird dynamics in her new friend group that she doesn’t understand.

For the reading, I asked my tarot app (based on my favorite deck that’s usually pretty accurate) the following question:

how will tabby’s friendships turn out?

I chose to do a more detailed reading with three cards, which represented the past, present, and future.

these are the cards i drew:


Six of Cups, Queen of Cups, and Four of Pentacles


I drew Six of Cups for the PAST card. the SIX OF CUPS represents a sense of balance and harmony being restored after a rocky new start. I am taking this to represent Tabby’s move to her grandmother’s after the Big Mysterious Incident that has not been revealed yet, because Tabby did start feeling somewhat more content when she moved in with her grandma, who is basically her best friend. I am counting that as the past since it happened before the book began.


For the PRESENT card, I drew Queen of CupsQUEEN OF CUPS represents an energy or person in your life who is affectionate and sensitive. Tabby is definitely both of these things, but has trouble being affectionate toward her new friends because of her anxiety. I am interpreting this card to mean that in the present, Tabby needs to show her new friends the affection she feels on the inside, and stop telling Jess that they’re just convenient and saying bad things about them, which probably won’t turn out so great for her in the end. This card to me represents the part of herself that Tabby needs to tap into to find success in her life where her friends are concerned.


The FUTURE card is the Four of Pentacles. This card represents stability and success in life. This card ultimately encourages you to enjoy what you have. In the present, Tabby is having trouble enjoying the fact that she has new friends who like her and have similar interests to her, so hopefully this card means that by the end of the series (yes, this is a series!!),  she will have learned that friendship is something to be celebrated and to not hold on to problems with her old friends.

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tarot reading: on the come up

One of the things I realized while I was on hiatus is that I want to write more posts with tarot readings in them as I learn more about tarot. Tarot and crystals are the things I am most fascinated by in witchy things, and since this is a witchy book blog, I think adding more tarot posts would be appropriate. Today, I’m doing a reading for a book I haven’t read, Angie Thomas’ recent new release, ON THE COME UP.

Now, let me tell you, I did NOT like THE HATE U GIVE. I know I am super in the minority, but I just…wasn’t impressed? I think the story is super important and really relateable for a lot of teens and I will push it for my own teens at work, but personally, I did not like the writing very much and didn’t think it was as amazing as people were saying. Still, I am curious about ON THE COME UP, and had hope that I might like it better than THE HATE U GIVE, so I asked my new deck (courtesy of a Unicorn Crate box), if I would like ON THE COME UP better than THUG. This is what the cards had to say…


Ten of Cups is a card that represents contentment when upright, but when reversed signifies sadness. I interpret this to mean I will definitely not like ON THE COME UP more than THUG. When this card is reversed, it can also signify that something is blocking the joy the upright card can bring, which could certainly be true in the case of me reading this book since I know I’m already going into it convinced I won’t like it. This card could be a suggestion to go into this book with a more open mind than I currently have for it.


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tarot reading: no one here is lonely

Hello, and welcome to a new tarot reading! This time, I’ll be reading for a book I haven’t read, Sarah Everett’s new novel, NO ONE HERE IS LONELY. Here’s a synopsis:

Our entire lives are online, but what if the boy you love actually lives there? For fans of Adam Silvera comes a story about the future of relationships.

Eden has always had two loves: her best friend, Lacey, and her crush, Will. And then, almost simultaneously, she loses them both. Will to a car accident and Lacey to the inevitable growing up and growing apart.

Devastated by the holes they have left in her life, Eden finds solace in an unlikely place. Before he died, Will set up an account with In Good Company, a service that uploads voices and emails and creates a digital companion that can be called anytime, day or night. It couldn’t come at a better time because, after losing Lacey–the hardest thing Eden has had to deal with–who else can she confide all her secrets to? Who is Eden without Lacey?

As Eden falls deeper into her relationship with “Will,” she hardly notices as her real life blooms around her. There is a new job, new friends. Then there is Oliver. He’s Lacey’s twin, so has always been off-limits to her, until now. He may be real, but to have him, will Eden be able to say goodbye to Will?

no one tarot

Now for the reading. This reading is for a three card spread of PAST, PRESENT, and FUTURE. The past can be any time in the past, either recent or not, the present is the current situation, and future is what is to come.



Ace of Wands. Ace of Wands symbolizes new energy and enthusiasm for a new path being taken. In the book, Eden used to be enthusiastic about her friendships with Lacey and Will, so I interpret this card to represent her past friendships with them. This card appears to represent when she first became friends with each of them.



Two of Wands. This cards means an important choice is afoot. Eden must choose whether to keep confiding in an electronic friend who doesn’t exist or move on.



The Hanged Man. This card is all about being in limbo and represents a significant shift in perspective. I take this to mean that in the book, Eden’s feelings about her former friends will change and she will grow from them.

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tarot reading: vicious

First of all, today is Thanksgiving in the US, so happy turkey eating day to my fellow Americans! I debated not doing a post today but I have a lot of international readers, so I figured people might like to read something today on a day that will probably be quiet for most US bloggers. Anyway.

Some people were interested for me to do a tarot reading about a book I haven’t read after posting my reading of WARCROSS, so today, I’m sharing a two-card spread for VICIOUS by V. E. Schwab. I’m very embarrassed to say that I’ve never read a book by Schwab even though she’s the queen of YA and apparently fantasy in general. I recently bought ADSOM and VICIOUS because VENGEFUL just came out, so hopefully my tarot reading will be accurate.

This two-card spread answered two questions: 1) will I like this book, and 2) what will I dislike about this book?


1)  will I like this book–FOUR OF WANDS–this is a positive card that generally implies positive feelings, so drawing this card makes me think I will probably like this book.

2) what will I dislike about this book–QUEEN OF WANDS–some people think the queen of wands represents one’s gut instincts. I interpret this to mean that I will not like that my gut instincts about what is going to happen with this book will turn out to be correct. I don’t like guessing what’s going to happen and then always being right, so that may happen when I read this book.


Which Schwab book do you think I should read first? What books would you like to see me do a tarot reading for?

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tarot reading: warcross

Hello, and welcome to my first tarot reading. This is actually a recycled post from my book Tumblr (aka booklr) that I posted a while ago. It is my very first tarot spread, both in general and for a book! I decided for this reading to do a three card spread to read the situation-action-outcome of the book, WARCROSS, one of my new favorite things!

Here are the results of my reading:


SITUATION: the Magician is a card at that represents a divine idea. If you draw this card, it might suggest that you need to buckle down and eliminate distractions. I interpret this to mean that Emika will have to put aside other worries, including baggage from her past about her father dying, as well as any other distractions, which could include her romance with her childhood idol. Only then will she reach her goals.

ACTION: The action card here is the high priestess. The high priestess challenges the person who draws the card to go deeper. I interpret this to mean that Emika is on the right path, but is missing a crucial detail that will enable her to reach her goals.

OUTCOME: The outcome card is six of cups. Six of cups is a card that represents nostalgia and old friendship. If Emi wants to capture zero, she may find that an old relationship of some sort will come to light. It may have something to do with who Zero actually is.

When I first did this reading, I was super shocked by how accurate it was. Now that I’ve read both WARCROSS and WILDCARD, I can say that all of these cards are very accurate to the book.

As a bonus, here is an aesthetic I made for WARCROSS:


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