tarot reading: no one here is lonely

Hello, and welcome to a new tarot reading! This time, I’ll be reading for a book I haven’t read, Sarah Everett’s new novel, NO ONE HERE IS LONELY. Here’s a synopsis:

Our entire lives are online, but what if the boy you love actually lives there? For fans of Adam Silvera comes a story about the future of relationships.

Eden has always had two loves: her best friend, Lacey, and her crush, Will. And then, almost simultaneously, she loses them both. Will to a car accident and Lacey to the inevitable growing up and growing apart.

Devastated by the holes they have left in her life, Eden finds solace in an unlikely place. Before he died, Will set up an account with In Good Company, a service that uploads voices and emails and creates a digital companion that can be called anytime, day or night. It couldn’t come at a better time because, after losing Lacey–the hardest thing Eden has had to deal with–who else can she confide all her secrets to? Who is Eden without Lacey?

As Eden falls deeper into her relationship with “Will,” she hardly notices as her real life blooms around her. There is a new job, new friends. Then there is Oliver. He’s Lacey’s twin, so has always been off-limits to her, until now. He may be real, but to have him, will Eden be able to say goodbye to Will?

no one tarot

Now for the reading. This reading is for a three card spread of PAST, PRESENT, and FUTURE. The past can be any time in the past, either recent or not, the present is the current situation, and future is what is to come.



Ace of Wands. Ace of Wands symbolizes new energy and enthusiasm for a new path being taken. In the book, Eden used to be enthusiastic about her friendships with Lacey and Will, so I interpret this card to represent her past friendships with them. This card appears to represent when she first became friends with each of them.



Two of Wands. This cards means an important choice is afoot. Eden must choose whether to keep confiding in an electronic friend who doesn’t exist or move on.



The Hanged Man. This card is all about being in limbo and represents a significant shift in perspective. I take this to mean that in the book, Eden’s feelings about her former friends will change and she will grow from them.

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