tarot reading: the paper and hearts society

Hello! I am back with another tarot post after a long accidental hiatus from witchy posts even though being witchy is part of my brand and literally in my blog name. I haven’t been doing witchy things in my real life so that’s probably why, since I’ve just been too busy and generally uninspired in that way. But, I have been wanting to get back into witchy things both in life and my blog, so here’s to me finding some inspiration for witchy posts.

Today, I’ll be doing a tarot reading for a book I’m currently reading, THE PAPER AND HEARTS SOCIETY by booktuber Lucy Powrie. THE PAPER AND HEARTS SOCIETY is about Tabby, who is a super awkward, anxious bookish girl who recently moved in with her grandma to get away from some mysterious Thing That Happened with her old friends, who were definitely mean girls. When she goes to the library near her grandma’s house one day, she finds an invitation to a book club and joins even though she’s really nervous about it and thinks she won’t fit in, and finds a cool group of people who have similar interests and are really fun.


Friendship is the biggest theme in this book, which makes my heart feel super warm and fuzzy. Tabby is deal with a lot in terms of friendship, including trying to feel comfortable with her new friends even though she has really low self-esteem, and also fielding mean texts from her old best friend, Jess, who is trash, and dealing with some weird dynamics in her new friend group that she doesn’t understand.

For the reading, I asked my tarot app (based on my favorite deck that’s usually pretty accurate) the following question:

how will tabby’s friendships turn out?

I chose to do a more detailed reading with three cards, which represented the past, present, and future.

these are the cards i drew:


Six of Cups, Queen of Cups, and Four of Pentacles


I drew Six of Cups for the PAST card. the SIX OF CUPS represents a sense of balance and harmony being restored after a rocky new start. I am taking this to represent Tabby’s move to her grandmother’s after the Big Mysterious Incident that has not been revealed yet, because Tabby did start feeling somewhat more content when she moved in with her grandma, who is basically her best friend. I am counting that as the past since it happened before the book began.


For the PRESENT card, I drew Queen of CupsQUEEN OF CUPS represents an energy or person in your life who is affectionate and sensitive. Tabby is definitely both of these things, but has trouble being affectionate toward her new friends because of her anxiety. I am interpreting this card to mean that in the present, Tabby needs to show her new friends the affection she feels on the inside, and stop telling Jess that they’re just convenient and saying bad things about them, which probably won’t turn out so great for her in the end. This card to me represents the part of herself that Tabby needs to tap into to find success in her life where her friends are concerned.


The FUTURE card is the Four of Pentacles. This card represents stability and success in life. This card ultimately encourages you to enjoy what you have. In the present, Tabby is having trouble enjoying the fact that she has new friends who like her and have similar interests to her, so hopefully this card means that by the end of the series (yes, this is a series!!),  she will have learned that friendship is something to be celebrated and to not hold on to problems with her old friends.

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