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Apparently the mood of the week is posts about writing, because I’m REALLY feeling motivated to…try to motivate myself to write I guess? Which is wayyyy different from actually BEING motivated to write, obviously, so, here we are writing posts about writing while not actually writing because that makes…sense? I wasn’t tagged by anyone to do this tag, but I’m using a collection of questions from a few bloggers, including Paper Blots, Forever and Everly, and A Whisper of Ink. So, thanks to those bloggers for the question inspo.

1. What makes you a rising author?

Okay, tbh, this is just a question that I’m hoping will possibly guilt me into writing? Though honestly guilt does not make me very motivated to do much of anything except bake and eat my feelings because I have problems. But seriously, what even is a rising author? If it means someone who writes a lot for one month out of the year, then that is definitely me, because I tend to only write during NaNoWriMo events (one of which will be coming up in July! Yay!) I find it super hard to motivate myself to write outside of that when I have no goals or deadlines. So am I really a rising author? The answer to that is…idk, I guess.


2. What is your current WIP about, and what’s its status? (ie. plotting, writing, editing, etc.)


I *sorta* have 2 WIPs? They were both written during WriMo events and have about 27,000 words each. I decided to shelve the first one, but my boyfriend really liked it and I also kind of am not quite ready to give it up yet maybe? I haven’t touched that one for 2-3 years. The other one I started last November.

I guess both are in the “writing” stage, though I really, REALLY want to go back and rework the second one, aka Queer Bookish Novel, because the first draft is such a plot-mess, and go back to the “plotting” stage. So hopefully soon I’ll be in the “plotting” stage?


3. What is your favorite genre to write?

CONTEMPORARY. I love reading contemporary and fantasy the most, but don’t have the guts to try a fantasy novel, though I’d love to write one about a siren who hates her powers because she’s in love with another siren. Or maybe a human woman. Who knows? However, both my WIPs are contemporaries for which the jumping off point was events that happened in my life, then somewhat highly fictionalized (Queer Bookish Novel is way less close to life than the first WIP, aka A MAP OF US).

I love writing in a vignette style and have also always wanted to try writing a novel in verse. I feel like my first WIP, A MAP OF US, lends itself well to verse or vignettes. I tried to write it in vignettes, but got a little lost eventually because I wasn’t sure how much of a plot/action-y I needed and/or wanted it to be because it’s about second chances in love and relationships after a tragedy.


4. Are you a plotter or a pantser?

I always *try* to be a plotter. I think that would actually help me a lot because I’ve gotten lost around halfway through both of my WIPs because I don’t know what I want to happen. Doing some sort of outline would probably give me a better idea of where the story at least *could* go. However, I never plot in time for WriMo events, so I end up pantsing, and quitting halfway through because of omgwhathappensnext panic.


5. What’s your writing routine, if any?

I’d be able to answer this question if I WROTE MORE OFTEN HINT HINT SELF. Usually when I write, I need a calming playlist of indie folk/rock/pop music in the background. I also love tea, so that would probably help. I also recently got an essential oil diffuser that I really like, and I’d love to put some sweet orange or peppermint essential oil in it and turn on the mist function while I write. That would be very relaxing.


6. Show your WIP aesthetic!

I am very proud of my aesthetic for Queer Bookish Novel because it is mostly in the bisexual colors:


This is my newly-created aesthetic for A MAP OF US which is sadly very hetero:



7. What inspires you?

This is a question I made! Here’s my answer:

poetry. mermaids. pastels. sad things. music.


8. Do you have other ideas brewing up?

Yes, actually. I already mentioned the siren one, where the siren would hate her powers because she’s gay. This idea was inspired by THE DEEPEST ROOTS, which I just read, but it would be in a fantasy, underwater setting and be more literal.

I also recently remembered an idea I had while watching Riverdale a while ago (I really need to continue that show, I liked it!) I was super inspired by Josie and the Pussycats, and had the idea to write a book based on them loosely, about a girl group who are rising in fame, and it would have multiple POVs and be diverse, even though I’m scared of writing POC characters as a white person because I know I’ll be crucified whether or not I do it “right.”


9. Do you let anyone read your writing? If so, who?

I let my boyfriend read my writing before we dated. We actually met in a creative writing workshop we took our freshman year of college, so we were already kind of familiar with each other’s writing. He’s still the only person I trust to read my terrible drafts because I know he’ll be honest about it even though we’re dating, but will also be encouraging because he wants me to embrace my writing self and write more.


10. What’s the easiest part about writing? The hardest?

Um…I don’t find any part of writing easy? I guess maybe coming up with the initial concept?

The hardest part is, in case you couldn’t guess, motivating myself to write. I really WANT to write but find it so hard to convince myself to sit down and just DO IT.


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  1. I’m so glad you are talking about your writing a little bit with this tag, I hope this inspired you or at least, kept the spark alive for you! Your WIPS sounds really interesting and I LOVE these aesthetics so much. I also very much love the title “A Map of Us” <3

    1. I must admit a bit of pride in that title, lol. And writing this has definitely helped spark a bit more interest for me 🙂 hopefully that will translate into actually revising/continuing writing soon.

  2. LOL I seriously empathize with “Um…I don’t find any part of writing easy?” For me, it’s definitely the early stage, where I get floods of ideas for character development and worldbuilding. And then I realize, oh, right, I actually have to write it into something coherent-sounding.
    And I LOVE your bi-aesthetic! <3

  3. I relate to this so much! When I stall out on my big projects, I find a random call for submissions online with a specific prompt or in some genre I would never write. And then I force myself to write it, and most of the time it’s fun and less than 2000 words. I always submit it, and even if it’s rejected it gives me a surge to keep working on other things. Also, I love your WIP ideas, but the thing that really jumped out at me was your siren idea. I would love to read that book!

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