the sunday post // 10-6-19

The Sunday Post is a weekly meme hosted by Caffeinated Book Reviewer. It’s a chance to share news about the past week, reading recaps, hauls, and more.


weekly happenings

  • I returned from hiatus! I’ve been journaling in the mornings because I’m doing the Artist’s Way again and that’s one of the core requirements of the course, and while journaling, I worked out a lot of stuff about blogging and how I feel about it. When I left for hiatus, I was feeling overworked and uninspired by blogging, but I journaled a lot about ways to make it more manageable and enjoyable for myself, which really helped, so hi, here I am, I’m back.
  • I started enjoying reading again. I have been reading consistently this year, but honestly, I haven’t been enjoying it all that much. However, reading GIRLS WITH RAZOR HEARTS and THE LAST TRUE POET OF THE SEA for some reason resparked that interest in and love for reading that I feel like I’ve been missing for this entire year.
  • I started doing the Artist’s Way again. And it’s making blogging better and making me want to write more poetry? Which is not the goal but maybe I’ll find out I’m a poet and not a novelist?


last week on the blog


next week on the blog

  • tips for depressed witches
  • www wednesday?
  • books on my immediate tbr


currently reading

I am reading two amazing books right now that are reminding me why I love reading. I’m reading the sequel to GIRLS WITH SHARP STICKS, aka GIRLS WITH RAZOR HEARTS, which is really exciting, well-written, fierce, and feminist. I’m also reading THE LAST TRUE POETS OF THE SEA, which I wasn’t expecting to love but I think will be a favorite of the year. It has shipwrecks and is queer.


book haul

  • You Deserve Each Other – Sarah Hogle
  • The Best Laid Plans – Cameron Lund
  • Swallowtail – Brenna Twohy

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