the sunday post // 4-5-20

The Sunday Post is a weekly meme hosted by Caffeinated Reviewer. It’s a chance to share news about the past week, reading recaps, hauls, and more.


weekly happenings

  • I had my first virtual staff meeting with my library branch since we shut down for COVID. Everyone seems to be doing mostly ok. My boss came to the meeting in Care Bear pajamas, which…fair. My work friend made a face mask with the 3D printer. We might not go back until June—and I am not okay about that. Basically, we probably won’t go back to work until the state of emergency was lifted plus we literally JUST got a stay at home order from the governor of the state, so….things are not looking good.
  • I played a lot of Animal Crossing, where, fortunately, the worst thing that can happen to you is that you get stung by wasps. But even that is fixable with magical medicine. I now have met Blathers (and good lord does that owl blather) and have caught a lot of eggs pretending to be fish (like honestly, how could an egg ever have the shadow of a fish?? Color me confused). I also visited my first mystery island because I had to acquire weeds for the medicine after getting stung. The cherry blossom trees are pretty. I don’t need so many goddamn eggs though.
  • I continued talking to my Bumble friend.  I started using the Bumble BFF app right before this all blew up, and actually ended up meeting someone cool! I was worried it didn’t go well because I knew I didn’t talk as much as I should have because I felt very nervous and am shy with new people, but we’ve been talking consistently since then and it’s definitely keeping me hopeful and sane.
  • I decided to partake in the OWLS!! I see people do the OWLS readathon every year and always get super jealous, so I decided to participate myself this time even though I’ve been a bit reading slumpy. I am aiming to become an Astronomer, though obviously I also considered Librarian since I am one and Trader of Tomes, but I ultimately decided Astronomer was the coolest and most acheivable because I don’t have any books about shapeshifting on my tbr, lol.
  • I did have one scary heart day. I was diagnosed with sinus tachychardia, which makes my heart beat super fast unless I take blood pressure meds, a couple years ago and since then it’s been mostly under control, but on Friday when I went to the grocery store, I suddenly started feeling overwhelmed and confused and my chest felt wrong, and when I went home it wouldn’t go away. I seriously considered going to the hospital and probably would have if all this wasn’t going on, but I didn’t want to risk getting COVID so I just rode it out under my weighted blanket with some tea and had my bae take care of me. I feel better now but I’m nervous about it happening again because it was v unpleasant.


last week on the blog


next week on the blog

Next week on the blog is going to be….GHOST SQUAD WEEK!!!! I’ve been pumped about Claribel Ortega’s MG debut, GHOST SQUAD, for some time, and am so sad for her that all her events were cancelled and want to do everything I can as a blogger and book influencer to help her out because her debut sounds so great even though I haven’t read it yet. Most of my posts next week are going to be about spirit work and ghosts in witchcraft because those are major themes in the book.


currently reading

I decided to check out the first book in Anna Meriano’s Love Sugar Magic series on Overdrive because I may end up doing a virtual book talk about some Overdrive-available titles for work at some point, and I’m also counting it for my book about witches for the OWLS History of Magic exam because they are brujas in the book. This book is so cute and sweet and magical and I love Leo and her making flying pig cookies with her little easy bake oven omfgggggg.

I also started THREE DARK CROWNS on audio and then decided to read the ebook. I’m glad I started it on audio though because most of the name pronunciations are weird and not what I would’ve expected had I just read it. I already have predictions for how this is going to go down, and I don’t know which queen I’m rooting for the most, though I’m admittedly not a huge Mirabella fan. If I were a queen, I would want to be a Poisoner, but in reality would probably be a Naturalist with a kitty cat familiar. But being a Poisoner seems epic.


book haul

  • none shall sleep – ellie marney
  • horrid – katrina leno (!!)
  • vanessa yu’s magical paris tea shop – roselle lim
  • these violent delights – chloe gong

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  1. …not going to lie, I want carebear pajamas. Sorry about potentially being out of the office until June – the uncertainty of isolation and how long it is going to last is pretty unbearable. I bet your bad heart day was scary! I am glad you’re okay and had your bae to take care of you. And honestly? Weighted blankets are amazing. I hope this week is better for you!

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