the sunday post // 8-4-19

The Sunday Post is a weekly meme hosted by Caffeinated Book Reviewer. It’s a chance to share news about the past week, reading recaps, hauls, and more.


weekly happenings

  • Our ceiling exploded. Okay, maybe that’s just a touch dramatic. But of course right after I scheduled a Sunday Post last week saying that nothing really happened, water started POURING from our ceiling for about an hour and we were up from midnight to 3am dealing with it. A pipe broke in our upstairs neighbor’s apartment, which we figured because his sink had been making death sounds for the past month even though my boyfriend yelled up at him “fix your sink!” every time he turned it on, and the worst part was the our neighbor whose fault it was WASN’T EVEN IN HIS APARTMENT for the entire three hour ordeal. Also all the laundry we had to do for the towels the next day sucked. The whole thing sucked.
  • I started my new job. It’s going okay so far and every day things seem a little easier. I’m being basically retrained even though I’ve been in the library system for over a year, which is both good and bad because now I keep wondering if I actually know how to do things. But people seem really nice and excited that I’m there, and the best thing is that nobody except my friend who works here knows that I have anxiety and won’t have to know unless it gets super bad again, which I don’t think it will.
  • Nobody was rude to me all week!! The best part about my new job is how un-stressful I think it’s going to be. I’m at a smaller library so that helps a lot, but also patrons seem nicer? People were patient with me learning how to do stuff and not a single patron was rude or disrespectful to me on any day, which is completely different from my old job, where someone would say something rude or hurtful at least once a day. So hopefully now if that does happen, it won’t feel as overwhelming because it won’t happen as frequently.


last week on the blog


next week on the blog

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  • YARC update
  • witch paths and book recs
  • thoughts i had while reading the raven boys


books read


I FINISHED THE RAVEN BOYS!!!! HUZZAH! OLAY!!! It took me so long to read this book even though I LOVED it because I haven’t been reading as much lately, but OMG, I freaking LOVED this book. I’m so glad I gave it a chance even though I hated the only other Maggie Stiefvater book I’ve read, SHIVER, because DAMN, OMG, I just can’t even tell you how good I found this book. I feel like no book is ever going to be as good as this one again. What am I going to do?


currently reading

Ooh these books look so pretty together!! Anyway. I am still reading DAISY JONES, so not much to say about that other than HURRY UP, MEL. I also started WILDER GIRLS, which is another book that I made it specifically a goal to read this month.


book haul

  • The Shadow Between Us – Trisha Levenseller
  • Lucky Caller – Emma Mills
  • Glitch Kingdom – Sheena Boekweg
  • Well Met – Jen DeLuca
  • Girls Save the World in This One – Ash Parsons
  • Look – Zan Romanoff
  • Hello Now – Jenny Valentine
  • Dark and Deepest Red – Anna-Marie McLemore
  • Late to the Part – Kelly Quindlen
  • The Kingdom of Back – Marie Lu
  • Belle Revolte – Linsey Miller

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  1. congrats and good luck in your new job! i hope it stays less stressful. wilder girls was a book i really liked because of the cool concept and cool girls and it was just very dystopian which i appreciated. well met is on my TBR and i’m definitely excited to read it after it comes out. happy reading for august! c:

  2. I loved Daisy Jones and the Six. Looking forward to hearing what you think about it. And great news about your job!

  3. Hopefully everything keeps going with your new job!! ♥️ You have some good looking books that you hauled – I can’t wait to see your thoughts on The kingdom of back and well met since I’ve been eyeing. Hopefully you have a great August!!

  4. “our ceiling exploded” i’m wheezing wtf that must be a shock. My neighbour had giant water damage after just finishing their house because they were away when something similiar happened.

    So glad the work is better!

  5. Ugh leaking water SUCKS. I had my sink pipe burst on me and it took my landlord weeks to get someone to come in and fix it for me. So I feel ya. But I am glad you are enjoying the new job and that no one was rude to you! YAY for finishing THE RAVEN BOYS! I love that series and hope you find the rest of the books just as enthralling as the first. Thanks for sharing and have a great week!

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