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So I wasn’t actually tagged for this tag yet, but I saw it on Velvet Spade Reads and really liked it, so I am stealing it sans being tagged. I have also been in a bit of a posting slump lately and have no ideas for posts, so here we are with bookish tags, aka my favorite thing to post and to read other than TBR lists. Woohoo!


Three Read Once & Loved Authors

I don’t think this is correct but I’m interpreting this as “authors I’ve only read one book by but loved.” So here we are. I loved Emma Mills’ THIS ADVENTURE ENDS but don’t remember much about it, but I would really like to read her new book, FAMOUS IN A SMALL TOWN, and also go back and read my really old eARC of FOOLISH HEARTS. I also LOVED Heather Demetrios’ SOMETHING REAL, about a girl whose family is part of a huge reality show but she wants out, but then I was too scared to read any of her other books. I also loved DIPLOMATIC IMMUNITY about a snarky reporter, but Brodi Ashton’s other books don’t really appeal to me.


Three Titles I’ve Watched but Haven’t Read

  • Whale Rider – This was one of my favorite movies as a child, and is about a young Maori girl who wants to be trained to become chief even though women are not allowed to become chief. My mom read the book of this and said the movie was way better, so I am probably not going to read the book.
  • Winter’s Bone – I actually forgot this was a book until I saw this prompt. I don’t remember much about the movie other than Jennifer Lawrence was in it and pulling a body out of a lake.
  • The Shining – I honestly love the movie of The Shining. I don’t usually go for older movies, especially old horror movies, but this is definitely a classic for a reason. I’m not interested in reading Stephen King though.


Three Characters You Love

  • Meggie from Inkheart – All three of these books were my favorites as a kid, but INKHEART is an extra favorite because I love Cornelia Funke’s fantasies so much, and Meggie and her dad are super bookish in this story. This is the ultimate fantasy novel if you’re a book lover.
  • Lyra from The Golden Compass – Lyra is the epitome of a strong female heroine. These books will have my heart forever and I read them a million times as a kid.
  • Maddie from A Northern Light – Whenever I hear the phrase “feminist YA,” I always automatically think of this book. Maddie makes a lot of distinctly feminist choices in this book, but in a way that does not seem anachronistic to the time period of the book or like the author is being preachy.


Three Series Binged

This might as well have been titled “How Many Books By Jenny Han Have You Read” and the answer would be “all but one.” I binge read the Summer trilogy a few years ago and enjoyed it, and recently binge reread TATBILB after watching the movie and loved it even more the second time. The only other series I can think of that I’ve binge read is the MIND GAMES duology, a paranormal duology from about 5 years ago. I don’t remember much other than it was paranormal and I really liked it.


Three Unpopular Bookish Opinions

  • I don’t like series. I don’t care if it’s 7 books or even just 3 books…I just don’t like them. I have dreadful series amnesia, and I always have to reread the previous book in the series before I can continue a series, which takes time away from other books I could be reading for the first time, so series just irk me.
  • I kind of still like love triangles? But only if it’s done well. A love triangle that’s half-assed is a love triangle I will still complain about. But a love triangle with the romantic tension of…something with a lot of romantic tension, then yes yes give it to me, YA writers! Plus I’m still waiting for an excellent bisexual or lesbian love triangle.
  • I think dog-earing pages is ok. I do sometimes dog-ear my books if I have no bookmark available. I prefer not to, but I don’t think it’s as big a deal as some readers seem to think it is.


Three Current Favorite Book Covers


Three Goals for This Year

  • …participate in NaNoWriMo…??? This is a very hesitant goal because I do not know what my life will be like next month because of a few potential recent developments. I also have attempted NaNo in the past but have never completed it because I always miss days. I also haven’t written anything new at all basically since last NaNo. I do have an idea for a gay Southern Gothic Jane Eyre retelling, but it’s so outside of what I normally try to write and I’m worried it’s a stupid idea.
  • Organize my bookshelves. Well, specifically bookshelf. I have one bookshelf in my living room that is a total mess because I keep lots of junk other than books on it, and it is dreadful.
  • Try scheduling out my reading. I want to try scheduling what I’m going to read throughout the month instead of relying on my moods, because mood reading has recently gotten me into a lot more reading slumps than normal and I need to pull myself out of it. Plus, I want to get more on top of my eARCs and ARCs of recent releases.

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  1. Oh this is a fun tag, I loved your answers 🙂 I have read I’ll Meet You There by Heather Demetrios and I loved it so much, it’s one of my favorites. I really want to read Something Real, it sounds like a great book 🙂
    and yay for Lyra, she is and always will be one of my favorite characters ever <3
    I am 100% certain that your retelling idea is NOT stupid at all, it sounds really good – if you're feeling inspired you should give it a try, even if you don't succeed at NaNo, no matter the amount you write, if you write a little bit you're still doing great 🙂

    1. aw, thank you Marie <3 <3 I don't know why I'm so anxious about my idea being stupid this time. I think it's just so different from things I'm inspired by before so I worry that I can't do it or it's not as good. Hopefully I can get over it and give it a try. Thank you for your sweet comment 🙂

    1. Good luck to you on NaNo! I really hope I can do a little writing at least but I always put so much pressure on myself that it ends up not being fun so idk.

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