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I wanted to do a post about my favorite books this year, but initially couldn’t decide between 10, which seemed too big because I only read 50ish books, or 5, which seemed to few, so now you are getting my top 6 books of the year, and that is that.


books i loved in 2019



daisy jones and the six – taylor jenkins reid

This book is one of the first adult fiction books I’ve read that wasn’t assigned for a class. I honestly bought this one on a complete whim on a trip to Books a Million because I looked inside it and saw that it was written in a quirky format. DAISY JONES is written as an oral history/interview about the rise and fall of a fictional legendary rock group, The Six, and their creative and personal relationship with their lead singer, Daisy Jones. This book pushed and pulled my heart in so many ways and the relationships were all so fascinating and intricate and complex and the writing was fantastic and just…I don’t think I’ll ever love a book as much as I loved DAISY JONES AND THE SIX.



the raven boys – maggie stiefvater

I read THE RAVEN BOYS right after DAISY JONES and that experience left me with the worst book hangover I’ve ever had because the writing was just so good that I didn’t think anything else could compare. I finally gave THE RAVEN BOYS a try, and I’m glad I gave it a shot despite hating the only other Stiefvater book I’ve read, because I loved the story and Blue’s family and GANSEY <3 <3 <3 But you cannot tell me the women of 300 Fox Way are straight, I am sorry.



girl, unframed – deb caletti

I just read this at the end of November and I feel a bit bad gushing about it on this list because it doesn’t actually come out until either June or July of 2020. But…it’s just so good. And you can preorder it! It’s about Sydney, who goes to visit her movie star mother for the summer and discovers she’s involved with a guy who’s doing shady art dealings. The book is about that, but is really about Sydney coming to terms with issues like desire and objectification, but is done in a really intriguing, captivating way.



i wanna be where you are – kristina forest

This book reminded me why I love YA contemporary. It’s about a ballet dancer who wants to go to an audition for an elite dance school run by her idol, but her super protective mother won’t let her go, so she goes on a sneaky road trip with her next door neighbor, who she at one point had a crush on but now hates for Reasons Unknown At the Beginning of the Book. So basically: ballet, road trip, and enemies-to-lovers romance. This book is criminally underrated and underhyped and I NEED everyone to read it so I can gush about it and give it the hype it deserves.



the sisters of the winter wood – rena rossner

I read this when I was in a huge depression-induced reading slump (well, one that was bigger than the one I had for the entire year, lol) but I still managed to SUPER love this book. It’s also the first book I annotated, which made for an interesting reading experience. THE SISTERS OF THE WINTER WOOD is about Leya and Liba, two Jewish sisters living on the outskirts of a village with their parents. One night, they discover their mother can turn into a swan and their father can turn into a bear. When their parents leave for an emergency, they are left to fend for themselves against strange men that come to town and try to insight discord against Jews and other dangers in the woods. I don’t think this book is technically YA but I think a lot of YA readers would really like it.



the kiss quotient – helen hoang

This is one of the first books I read this year and one of the first books outside my comfort zone that I read this year. I had never read a published romance (up until then I’d only read romance manuscripts submitted to the publishing house where I was interning) before and was very skeptical about it, but honestly, I’m here for HEAs and hopeful stories. I liked this one because it had two unique perspectives: the heroine is autistic and the hero is a Vietnamese-American escort. The romance in this book was so shippable and I didn’t find that I was uncomfortable with the steamy parts like I thought I’d be, and this is the book that opened the door to the romance genre for me and made me realize I might actually enjoy romances.

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  1. I loved hearing about your top 6 books of the year 🥰 I have been hearing very good things about Daisy Jones and the Six, so I hope to read it eventually, especially as I really liked The Seven Husbands of Evelyn Hugo! 🙂

  2. YES DAISY JONES! I loved that book so, so much, such a great read. and I adore I Wanna Be Where You Are, I agree that this book deserves all of the hype and love, it’s such an incredible read <3

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