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The most exciting bookish times of the year for me are usually when HarperCollins puts their next season’s eARCs onto Edelweiss. I still remember the moment when I discovered I had become autoapproved for their books on Edelweiss because I had finally been blogging long enough, and I am just incapable of ignoring the “download” button when their books come on because I am terrible and everything always sounds so good. I was browsing their fall catalog of upcoming releases and OMG I AM SCREAMING WITH EXCITEMENT!!!! My one worry is that usually their books say that they’ll be on Edelweiss and NONE OF THEM DO WHAT WILL I DO??? I don’t even have a library contact there to request ARCs. So I am mildly freaking out. I don’t even have Barnes & Noble money left to buy them. I’ll just have to request all of them for purchase at work.

Anyway, enough of my eARC woeful rambling. Let’s get to gushing about all the AMAZING books coming out this autumn:


  • Serpent and Dove | Shelby Mahurin | September 3, 2019 – From what I remember about this one, it has WITCHES and a HOLY WAR and WITCHES and a COVEN and basically I need to read anything with witches, especially if it’s a fantasy.
  • The Library of Lost Things | Laura Taylor Namey | October 8, 2019 – I was sold on this one when I read that it is about a “literary genius.” I am all for any story about bookish people. Apparently this one also has a complicated relationship with a mother who has a compulsive shopping problem, so that should be interesting.
  • A Treason of Thorns | Laura E. Weymouth | September 10, 2019 – I haven’t read Laura E. Weymouth’s debut, THE LIGHT BETWEEN WORLDS, yet, but I keep meaning to since I got it in a Unicorn Crate I got a while ago. This book also sounds intriguing and has magic and treason and a mysterious house.
  • Rebel Girls | Elizabeth Keenan | September 10, 2019 – This book gives me MOXIE vibes (though I haven’t read that one either…oops). It’s about Riot Grrrl and abortion and other feminist issues and girls banding together, and that cover is dope so obviously I’m reading this one.


  • A Constellation of Roses | Miranda Asebedo | November 5, 2019 – I wasn’t a huge fan of this author’s first book, THE DEEPEST ROOTS, but I will give any magical realism YA a chance, especially when it’s making women magical and has small town vibes.
  • Now Entering Addamsville | Francesca Zappia | October 1, 2019 – I really liked ELIZA AND HER MONSTERS so am definitely interested in reading more from this author. It was also pitched as Stranger Things meets Buffy, so that alone sold me on this book.
  • All the Things We Do in the Dark | Saundra Mitchell | October 29, 2019 – I’m not totally sure what this one is about from the synopsis? Friendships and scars and mysteries? But I am SO INTRIGUED by that title and the cover, so I’ll definitely be giving it a try.
  • Kingdom of Souls | Rena Barron | September 10, 2019 – This book is about a girl from a long line of witch doctors who has no magic of her own and can I just say I AM INTRIGUED and NEED IT???

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