weekly wrap-up // 2-17-19

weekly happenings

This was finally a relatively calm week for me. Our normal security guard was on vacation in Cancun which stressed me out a bit because I like routine and I like her and whenever she’s not there things seem to happen, but only one major thing happened (a patron cussed out another patron) and the teens were all fine. I was sad because the schools were out for two days and we didn’t even get a delay.

In more exciting news, I GOT A NINTENDO SWITCH AND I AM SO EXCITED!! I have never had my own gaming system before and I am very interested in exploring and experimenting with different games. I already bought Let’s Go, Eevee! (because Eevee is the best Pokemon), Mario Kart, and Super Mario Bros. I am very very excited to get more into gaming and was glad I got to spoil myself with part of my tax return (oh yes I am so Adult).


what i read

  • I DNF’ed THE EVERLASTING ROSE. Which I am very sad about because it was my most anticipated sequel of 2019. It made me remember that initially, I actually had very mixed feelings even about THE BELLES, which was the first book, because of the writing and pacing. I liked the writing better this time since I was prepared for it to be very flowery and pretty, but this book was just so sloooooow and by 25% in hardly anything had happened and I felt like it was a little too predictable. I might end up coming back to this one, especially since I pushed to invite Dhonielle Clayton to the library for an event in the summer, but for now, I think I’ll unfortunately have to put it aside.
  • I finished ESCAPE FROM MR. LEMONCELLO’S LIBRARY. I read this because it was my pick for a special event my library is helping the local schools with called Battle of the Books, where kids have to answer questions about different books for a tournament-style game. This was our pick for a book for a younger age group. It was very funny and had a lot of librarian/bookish humor that tickled me, but it’s definitely intended for kids so I wouldn’t say I liked it as much as a book that I could relate to.
  • I started SIEGE & STORM. Instead of continuing to trudge through THE EVERLASTING ROSE, I started my reread of SIEGE & STORM. I’m really hoping to finish it this weekend (in between gaming!) so I can read RUIN & RISING this month finally. Am enjoying the reread so far though and <3 <3 Sturmhond <3 <3


what i posted

  • I wrote about what my aesthetic would be if I could bookstagram
  • I made a list of ways to be a literary witch
  • I posted for WWW Wednesday
  • I had my one year anniversary of being a librarian!
  • I shared the etymology of the word “witch”


other blogging things

Marie very kindly alerted me to an issue with comments that is now resolved! But…if you’ve commented for approx. the last 2.5 weeks, a mysterious plugin that has yet to be identified probably deleted it 🙁 I am so, SO sorry to all those who have commented on my posts or tried to comment on my posts. If I have not responded, this is the reason, but unfortunately I have not found a way to recover the missing comments. However, the issue is NOW FIXED so please feel free to comment as usual and thank you for your patience while I resolved the issue <3 <3

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  1. I’m so sorry you had to DNF The Everlasting Rose, I was so looking forward to readin this one, I’m a little sad it was so slow to start for you :/ I think I’ll lower my expectations and hopefully will end up enjoying it.
    I’m so glad the comment issue has been resolved, YAY! That would have stressed me out a whole lot, just as well ahah. I hope you’ll have a wonderful week! <3

    1. I really hope you have better luck with it than I did. I may end up going back to it but sadly for now it’s a DNF 🙁

    1. I’m debating getting a couple more Mario games but I’m not sure which ones. but since I love Pokemon Go so much Let’s Go Eevee is super fun for me 🙂

  2. Love this post Mel! I’m sad you had to DNF the Everlasting Rose; I’ve heard a couple mixed things recently :/ I hope you love your reread of Seige and Storm!! And the nintendo switch sounds so awesome, omg.

    1. me too, I was really looking forward to the everlasting rose. I might come back to it because I do have to know what happens.

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