weekly wrap-up // 3-24-17

weekly happenings

A lot of meetings happened this week. That is mostly what happened. Also stress. And eating out a lot despite trying to be eating healthy, because stress and TIRED. Also undercaffeinated. I am severly undercaffeinated because I’ve been giving up diet coke, which is technically good for me for a lot of reasons and overall I actually feel better, but also tired.

This section is turning out to be very rambling and not making sense, so MOVING ON…


what i read


I am still in the midst of reading SCYTHE. I’m making some progress but it’s been a bit slow going because I’ve been a bit stressed this week. But I’m still really liking it, though it is getting darker and darker by the minute. There has already been a mass plane killing and also a fourth grader who really just wants to eat pizza (can relate) was killed (orΒ gleaned, I should say).

what i posted

  • a www wednesday meme post
  • a list of harpercollins books that i need
  • a review of wicked saints

I don’t know what is wrong with me but I have not much been wanting to blog lately. I’ve been forcing myself to do it because I worry too much about views and stats, but honestly, I’m kind of debating taking a hiatus. I do love wrap-up posts and goals posts, and those are coming up next week, but I’m really feeling drained blogging wise and have no motivation or inspiration and don’t feel like continuing to pound out posts just to pound out posts. Maybe I should take a hiatus for the next two weeks or something. I don’t know. I just don’t want to blog much at the moment. I have one post scheduled for next week, but after that, other than wrap-up and goals posts, I have no ideas, and kind of don’t want to think of any right now. Maybe I do need a hiatus. We’ll see.

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  1. I’m sorry to hear you have been stressed this week! I hope it gets less stressful so you can have more time for reading! Thanks for always being honest and sharing with us. Take the time you need for yourself <3

  2. I’m sorry you are so stressed. You need to take of yourself. If you need to take a hiatus take one. If you need to just do one blog a week where you wrap up your reading for the week do so. Just keep reading!

    Yes Scythe is dark but the best parts are almost in the comments and notes from the journals between chapters. But is dark with a cause… there are a lot of societal points Shusterman is out to make through the trilogy. The sequel is even better and the last of the trilogy comes out in September .

  3. I’m so sorry to hear this week has been tiring and stressful, Mel, take care of yourself <3 If you feel a little burned-out by blogging and everything else, maybe take a step back just as well and don't think about it too much, sometimes a little time away is all you need to remotivate yourself. Take your time <3 <3

  4. I’m sorry to hear that you’ve been really stressed and struggling with blogging lately πŸ™ I’d say that taking a break could be a good thing to refill your creative well and relax a bit, we’ll all still be here for you after that! πŸ’—

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