weekly wrap up // february 3, 2019

Another week, another weekly wrap-up! First news: I heard back about the library job I really wanted, and unfortunately I didn’t get it 🙁 I’m disappointed but not as devastated as I thought I’d be because I didn’t feel like I did a great job at the interview in the first place, but it is still disappointing. This week in general though was somewhat less stressful than last week because the kid who threatened me didn’t come in as much and the teens had a normal school schedule (they had been getting out early all last week because of exams) and were therefore not up in my business 24/7. I love them, but they really needed to go back to school.


what i read


I didn’t finish anything this week, but I started my Grisha reread project with SHADOW & BONE. I’ve been meaning to reread the first two Grisha books so I can read RUIN & RISING finally and then move on to KING OF SCARS and the SIX OF CROWS duology, but I have dreadful series amnesia so I need to reread the first two before R&R.


on the blog

OMG so much happened on the blog this week, namely that I WENT SELF-HOSTED AND CHANGED MY NAME!! So, welcome again to Cotton Candy Book Witch! I absolutely love my new blog and the theme is perfect and the graphics that Kat designed are beyond amazing, and I’m just so thrilled with everything, especially now that I know that my posts still show up in the Reader and I figured out how to add the WordPress follow button again.

Here’s what I posted:

  • Another edition of Bad NetGalley Covers
  • My monthly rewind
  • I introduced two new members of the blog, my cats, Willow & Cedar!
  • My list of February goals


thank you

I want to say a very heartfelt thank you to everyone who has commented, viewed, and been otherwise supportive of my blog move. Everyone has been so supportive of the change even if they don’t like the new name, and I’m just so appreciative of this community for being open to my blog changes and continuing to make a place for me! I’m so lucky to have such supportive blogging friends and I appreciate you all so very very much <3 <3

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