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Okay, so I know I just did my holiday/December TBR for Blogmas, but I just discovered the Christmas Readathon, which is being hosted as part of Bookending Winter¬† by Amy of Little Booknerds in a Corner. There are a total of 12 prompts for this readathon, but I am not going to be doing all of the prompts because I don’t have books I need to read for all of them.

These are the prompts I hope to complete throughout the readathon, which runs from December 1st to December 31st:

read a book you have been putting off this entire year

I can’t believe I haven’t read either of these books yet. I really liked Kathy Parks’ debut, The Lifeboat Clique, and have been eagerly awaiting a second book from her ever since, but have yet to dive into Notes from My Captivity, which is set in freaking SIBERIA and is kind of a thriller.

I’m also so ashamed that I preordered A Reaper At the Gates but have yet to read it. I also traded for a coveted, rare ARC of it, but even that didn’t motivate me to read it. I think I’m partially afraid it won’t be as good as the others, but also partially worried I have to read TORCH again before I get into this because I have dreadful series amnesia.


read a book you got within the first 1-3 months that is unread


I got an ARC of this because the publisher pitched it to me when I requested some others, but it really got on my radar mainly through other bloggers. It sounds like the perfect slow burn romance of my heart, plus my boyfriend really wants me to read it and tell me how it is because he’s interested in college aged YA since that’s what his first novel is.


read an extravagent/sparkly/beautiful/decorative book

These book covers are all exceedingly gorgeous watch me salivate over them excessively. I am most excited for A. G. Howard’s Stain, a sort-of Princess and the Pea retelling that had better make up for how much I disliked¬†her last book, ROSEBLOOD. Enchantee sounds fabulous and French (I mean it is set in the French Revolution) plus alternate history with MAGIC so obviously I have to read my ARC of that. I honestly forget what The Gilded Wolves is about, but I obviously wanted to read it at some point. And then we have The Everlasting Rose, aka sequel to THE BELLES, which I had mixed feelings about initially but have since decided that I really liked.


read a book with a white or light blue cover

I guess The Waking Forest isn’t really “light” blue, but I’m counting it because I want to read it. If You’re Out There is a thriller about a girl whose best friend ghosts her when she moves away, but might be unable to contact her because *reasons* and such. I’ve been putting off 9 Days & 9 Nights for some reason even though I loved 99 DAYS. I’ve also been putting off I Have Lost My Way even though I’ve had the ARC for a while because the mixed reviews made me really nervous. I’ve also avoided Restore Me because what if I’ve grown out of the Shatter Me books?


read a book with snow on the cover


I’m pretty sure that’s snow on the cover of The Cerulean, and I’ve been interested in reading other books by Amy Ewing even though I didn’t end up finishing The Jewel trilogy.


read a book that has been on your tbr since last year

I’m going to cheat and probably count Forest of a Thousand Lanterns for this one even though I started it before the readathon officially commenced. However, I’ve also been meaning to read all the books next to it, so we’ll see how many I read for this category.


read a book with “frost” “snow” “ice” or “light” in the title


I got The Light Between Worlds in last month’s Unicorn Crate, but had an eARC already that I’ve been meaning to read. It sounds very Narnia-esque, though hopefully the ending won’t be as terrible as the ending of those books.

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