blogmas day 2: witchy ways to celebrate winter

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Today’s blogmas post is purely witchy and all about witchy ways you can celebrate winter! These tips are compiled from various Tumblr posts and my own witchy ideas.

  • Wear shimmery highlighters and glittery blue nailpolish to feel closer to nature and snow/ice during this time of year
  • Carry sparkly white quartz (looks like icicles!) and touch it when you need a power boost
  • Enchant or glamour your sweaters for beauty or protection
  • Partake in tea or hot chocolate magic–add spices corresponding to your intentions, or, for a really simple one, stir clockwise to attract something and counterclockwise to banish. When I remember, I often stir clockwise to try to attract positivity into my day
  • Cleanse your crystals by freezing them in water
  • Meditate while watching the snow fall
  • Create freezed potions (ex. in an ice tray)
  • Get cozy at home under your blankets and learn about something new; witch history, local witchy things, mythology, correspondences, etc.
  • Collect snow and melt it for spell water and charge it under the December full moon
  • Set goals for the new year
  • Weave a wreath with plants that correspond with Yule and the Solstice
  • Practice hearth and home magic
  • Celebrate Yule/the Solstice (possible post on that to come)


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