2019 goals progress

I love making goals posts on this blog, but honestly I hardly ever stick to them. Recently, I started wondering what goals I had made at the beginning of the year, so I decided to look back at my post for my 2019 goals and assess my progress. So, here’s how I’ve been doing with my 2019 goals a little over halfway through the year.



  • be more positive/practice gratitude.     X!     I still definitely struggle with this. I have experimented a bit with gratitude exercises, but honestly, I don’t think they’re really my cup of tea. I’ve also had a lot of mental health struggles this year that have made being positive a challenge, and also my stressful former job made positivity a challenge.
  • find a hobby.      X!     I don’t think I did this the way I meant to, but I have been doing tarot more often and want to try doing witchy things more because I enjoy exploring that.



  • find a job that makes me happy.        !!       So…I guess I’m on my way to this one! I’m definitely more content and less stressed in this new job, and I think it is going to end up being a very positive change for me.



  • work out 4x per week.        XX      I think by this I meant actually work out and not just getting 10,000 steps per day 4x a week, so technically I am most definitely not doing this.
  • eliminate caffeine.      X!      I’m kind of doing this?? I have made progress on this goal recently and think I can do it?? Does that count??



  • get more alone time.      XX      I have not been doing this.
  • make my apartment feel more like home.     XXXXXXX       It has been nearly impossible to make this apartment feel like home due to horrible neighbors and the recent ceiling explosions. Nothing seems to go right here and I hate living near the road and it’s just so small and I hate it. I want to move.



  • reach 500 followers.       XX     Not yet, but soon! I’m at over 450 so I think I can probably make this goal by the end of the year.
  • also stop worrying as much about follower counts.      XX       lolololol noooooo
  • improve my post formatting.       X!        I’ve experimented more with this but I don’t know if it’s where I want it to be still.
  • work on images for posts.          XX         I am horribly bad at bookstagram as we have seen so my images for posts are sparse and usually from Unsplash stock photos.


So…I guess I’m not doing too great on most of my goals? It’s also probably good that I didn’t make any writing goals, because LOL, writing? I don’t know her. I am happy my personal and career goals are turning out relatively well because that’s something I was super concerned about at the beginning of the year. So somehow I still feel like I’m progressing on my goals even though this post does not seem to back that up. So…that’s good? Yes, that’s good.

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  1. You are still making progress, which is amazing! I have a love-hate relationship with goals because I usually make them when I’m feeling motivated (i.e. around the holidays) and then fail at them immediately thereafter and feel guilty about it lol but as long as you know what you wanted to do and are trying you’re best, that’s all that matters. Plus! You are excelling in your personal goals and that’s what matters. I’m so glad to see that your new job is treating you well and I hope your apartment chills out soon (or that you find a new place to live!) so that you can have some peace and quiet there. I can’t wait to see where you go from here!

  2. I’m glad to hear that you’re doing well with personal and career goals, it looks like you’re doing your best! And we still have a bit of the year left, so you might be able to fulfill some of the other goals too 💕 Personally, I have started a little gratitude journal where I write down 3 positive things that have happened each day – that’s what has worked best for me so far 🙂

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