2019 reading goals

2018! Is! Almost! Over! Woohoo!! In terms of reading, I guess 2018 was not a terrible year. I read 70 books (as of the writing of this post, anyway. Hopefully by the time it is posted I’ll be at at least 72?) I really wanted to get to 75 this year after I passed my goal of 80 and got to 70 by mid-December, but that did not occur. I think I read mostly good books, too, though I was disappointed by some of my most anticipated reads. Anyway, it is that time of year where everyone starts making goals for next year, so today, I wanted to share some of my reading-related goals for the new year in beautiful 2019, which will hopefully be better than 2018.

  1. Read 50 books. I’m keeping my official GR challenge goal small again so it’s more manageable. My actual hope is to read 5 books per month, which would bring me to about 60 books this year, so hopefully I’ll get to that.
  2. Acquire only 5 books per month. I decided to make this goal when I accidentally acquired 18 books this past month in December…oops. I really need to get my ARCs under control, as well as my requesting, so hopefully this will encourage me to be more strategic and selective about what I request.
  3. Read 1 backlist book per month.Β So I don’t continually miss out on books I really wanted to read because I’m afraid of missing out on new releases but then miss out on older really good releases.
  4. Increase my reading pace.Β My reading pace went up slightly last year, I think, but I used to be able to read up to 125 books per year, and I always feel like a bad bookworm/blogger when I see other bloggers who manage 200 or more, which has probably never been realistic for me, but I’d like to get back up to 100 per year at least. I don’t know how to do this, but maybe it could happen.
  5. Read more middle grade and children’s books. I’ve always enjoyed MG books, especially fantasies, so this should be a fun task. I’ve also decided I want to work toward being a children’s librarian if the job I’m currently in the running for doesn’t work out, so I want to expand my knowledge of kids’ books for that. Plus, they’re all short and cute and fun and quick to read, so that would be nice.
  6. Continue rereading books. I really enjoyed rereading TATBILB and a couple other series last year, and I’d like to reread FURTHERMORE so I can read WHICHWOOD and also reread the INKHEART trilogy since I never read book 3. I have found rereading quite lovely and would like to keep doing more of it.
  7. Try out adult romance.Β I’ve been kind of interested in trying out romance because I’ve so enjoyed my fluffy YA contemporaries, but also want to experiment with reading more adult books. Romance seems like it might be a good genre for me to try, and there are a few romances that look good that I want to try reading.


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  1. You definitely need to try out Romance!
    And hey reading should be fun, donΒ΄t pressure yourself to much over how many books others read, I did that before and it just ended with me in major reading slumps.

    1. I definitely put too much pressure on myself about reading quantities πŸ˜• and hopefully I’ll find some good romances 😊

  2. Romances are fun but MG is even better! I love MG contemporaries if they’re written well. (My two favorites this year have to be Drum Roll, Please and Front Desk.) I wish I would read more backlogged books, I cleared out my TBR physical shelf to make it more manageable (plus what I donate I can always get at the library!).

    As with reading goals, don’t judge yourself too harshly, as what kind of books/formats are fellow book nerds reading? My goal is high because I read a ton of manga/graphic novels every year. c:

    Here’s to 2019!

    1. Thank you for your thoughtful comment, Shawna! I’m definitely looking forward to trying out more MG; it always fills me with so much joy when I read it. I especially want to try out some more mg graphic novels.

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    This is Minnu here. I’ve only just recently discovered your blog and it’s absolutely interesting. I’m going to hit the follow right away so I can continue reading as and when you write more. πŸ™‚
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  4. good luck on 50 books!! thats an awesome list you got here. i definitely started rereading a lot more frequently this year and tbh its SO ENJOYABLE to revisit these beautiful worlds again. good luck with reading more middle grade, children, and romance books in 2019!!

    1. It really is! I thought I wouldn’t like rereading because I was worried it would ruin more books than make me revisit my joy when I first read them but I fortunately found that that was not the case. and thanks πŸ™‚

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