weekly wrap-up // 4-21-19

It’s time for a weekly wrap-up! I don’t know if I’m going to keep doing these especially if I post less frequently, but we’ll see.

what i posted

I posted this week. yay!

  • I posted my Easter Readathon TBR, which I am decidedly not sticking to
  • I did a tarot reading for ON THE COME UP
  • I wrote a WWW Wednesday meme post to update y’all on my reading habits
  • I discussed what I actually did while I was on hiatus


what i read

somehwere only we know.jpg

I decided to abandon FINALE for now so I could take a break and also do the Easter Readathon that I am definitely failing at since I’ll probably only read one book for it. I am currently reading SOMEWHERE ONLY WE KNOW by Maurene Goo, and it’s so cute and I am HERE FOR IT!!! It’s about Lucky, a K-pop star on the brink of international stardom, and the whirlwind weekend she spends with Jack, an aspiring photographer who doesn’t know what to do with his life. It’s super cute but also surprisingly deep, with lots of meaningful conversations about following your passion, anxiety, and other stuff. I also LOVE the Hong Kong setting, since it’s a place I don’t know pretty much anything about, and it’s so vivid. This book is utterly delightful so far and as I’m writing this post I’m super excited to hopefully finish it by the time this goes up.




  1. Susan Crosby on

    Someone once told me that unless it spurs you to be better that guilt is an pointless emotion.

    I’m not sure if I agree with that thought but dont kick yourself too much. Anxiety is a nasty SOB and you are learning.

  2. Jamie @ Books and Ladders on

    It’s okay if you don’t stick to your TBR! It’s just important for you to just do the best you can. I loved seeing all your new posts and look forward to you being back from hiatus!

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