2020 books to be psyched for

2020 is coming! And that means more good books. Is it too soon to hype 2020 releases? Methinks…no. So, here are some 2020 books you should all add to your TBR lists IMMEDIATELY!

  • You Should See Me in a Crown | Leah Johnson – Okay, so this book is QUEER and about a small-town black girl trying to win prom queen to get the scholarship that goes along with it, only she falls for her competition who is also running for prom queen. Does this book sound PERFECT? Yes. Do I NEED it? YES!!
  • House of Earth and Blood | Sarah J. Maas – Can we…just mention how CRESCENT CITY is written bigger than the actual title of the book and how confusing that is?? Okay, glad we got that out of the way. Even though the mating crap is ridiculous, I still love the ACOTAR books and have been dying for more SJM that’s not THRONE OF GLASS, because I’m not sure if I’d like that one or not. But this is about a half-fae, half human who sells illegal magical artifacts, and I’m HERE for it.
  • 10 Things I Hate About Pinky | Sandhya Menon – I just requested this on Edelweiss and I’m crossing everything I can in the hopes of getting approved. I LOVED the characters of Pinky and Samir in THERE’S SOMETHING ABOUT SWEETIE and shipped them so fervently and am dying to see a book about them.
  • The Kingdom of Back | Marie Lu – I’ve been dying to read this one since the deal was announced. It’s about Nannerl Mozart, and how she makes a deal with a demon in the hopes of being remembered forever for her own musical talent.


  • What I Like About You | Marisa Kanter – This is another one I’ve been excited for since the deal was announced. It’s about a famous book blogger who meets her online crush IRL, only she uses a pen name so he doesn’t know it’s her.
  • All the Stars and Teeth | Adalyn Grace – This book has islands and magic and an MC who is training to be the Master of Souls and pirates…it gives me dark ocean vibes, and we all know I love a good dark ocean book.
  • Yes No Maybe So | Becky Albertalli & Aisha Saeed – I would read this book no matter what it’s about because I still hold out hope for Becky Albertalli even though I didn’t like UPSIDE or LEAH. But this book is about politics and two teens who fall in love while doing some political canvassing and activism and seems so timely and I want it to be good so badly.


  • Felix Ever After | Kacen Calender – Kacen Calender’s 2020 release is about a trans teen who falls for his nemesis online while trying to get revenge??? I NEED IT????
  • The Night Country | Melissa Albert – This is the sequel to the amazing book THE HAZEL WOOD, and I cannot WAIT for it. I’m a bit freaked out because Flatiron said they were sending me a copy but it hasn’t gotten here yet and I don’t know if it’s lost and I’m flipping out a bit.

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  1. Oh there are so many amazing books on your list! 🥰 I’m very excited for the new Pinky book though I didn’t end up liking Sweetie’s book as much as I wanted to. I’m also falling back to Sarah J. Maas, I just cannot resist her upcoming book 😄

    1. ikr I’m so excited for it! I still haven’t even read throne of glass tho, oops lol. but I’m v excited for crescent city

  2. Omg I have the same thoughts on the size of Crescent City on the title vs. House of Earth and Blood. It’s also super confusing because everything surrounding the book is always referred to as CC. Cannot wait for Pinky either and I’ve been in the same boat with Kingdom of Back!

    1. right? like even when it was being written her pinterest board for it was called Crescent City and I think it was announced as Crescent City. I just can’t call it HOEAB. canno do.lol.

  3. Ahh I LOVE your list so so so so so much! I’m really eager to read You Should See Me In a Crown, as well as What I Like About You, both of these sound INCREDIBLE 😀

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