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I actually wrote this post super early (read: a little over a week ago) because I just really want January to be over. As you will have read in my wrap up post, it was a bit of a rough ride at the end due to another apartment disaster. So I wrote this post early in the hopes that it would make the last week of January go by fast.


january goals

  • Read 5 children’s books.       !!         Oh man, did I KILL this goal. I read almost three times as many children’s books as planned, including a million picture books, one easy reader, and a middle grade book.
  • Read 3/5 of my BOTM books.        !!       I’m counting this as done even though I ended up DNFing two out of the four I tried to read. I ended up finishing SONG OF THE CRIMSON FLOWER before the new year started, but I’m still counting that as part of this month’s goal. I also read RED, WHITE, AND ROYAL BLUE which I ended up loving. I DNFed THE FAMILY UPSTAIRS because it was very upsetting, and ended up not being interested in GET A LIFE, CHLOE BROWN. But now there’s only one Book of the Month book I’ve gotten that I haven’t read or tried to read (LITTLE WOMEN), so I can now safely get books from BOTM in February.
  • Work up to getting 8,000 steps a day.            !!              I did this! Yay!
  • Add one new item to my grocery list every week.         !!             I did this!


february goals

  • Read more than 3 books. For some reason, my reading always PLUMMETS in February pretty much every year. I think last year I only read 3 books, and the year before I know I only read 2. So, this year I want to beat the February slump, which I’m hopeful I can do because I’m participating in Swiftathon until February 13.
  • Read 2 books for Here & Queerathon. I know it’s only been a month, but I already feel like I’m kinda slacking on my own readathon, which you can sign up for here. I feel like I should be rolling in queer books and I’ve read one and pretty much a half (I wasn’t sure if VERY NICE really counted because the lesbian character did have her own chapters but was def a side character). So I feel like I need to STEP IT UP.
  • Experiment with/learn more about booktube and bookstagram. In my blogging section of my wrap up, I wrote about feeling a little lost and unsure of my place in bookish influencing. I have been interested in experimenting with booktube and bookstagram, but don’t know much about doing either at this point. So I want to see if either of those might be something I’m interested in doing.


Tell me all about your February goals in the comments!


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  1. Congrats on rocking your January goals!! 😀 I’m lucky if I finish two books a month since I’m a slow reader haha! This past month though I was able to beat my record and read 4 books. In February, I’m hoping to keep the momentum going. Sending you good vibes for February!!

    • cottoncandybookwitch

      thank you 🙂

      and wow, that’s great you were able to beat your record! I hope February is an equally good reading month for you <3

  2. Congrats on crushing January – I hope February is going well! I’m hoping to get through a few literary journals and we went to see two new UK cities so that was really exciting! 😀

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