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As I mentioned in my goals post for April, I want to participate in 3 April bookish/blogging events: the OWLS Readathon, Bookending Spring, and Dewey’s 24-hr Readathon. Instead of doing 3 separate sign-up posts, I am combining all of them in this one post.



The OWLS Readathon, or Magical Readathon, takes place the entire month of April and has various prompts to fulfill based on what witch/wizarding career you choose, which you can find more info about here. I want to of course achieve as many OWL prompts as possible, but my main goal is to do the prompts related to the Astronomer career path. In the wizarding world, Astronomers track the movement of stars and planets and use them to make predictions.

The OWLS I need to ace for a career in Astronomy are:

  • Arithmancy: read something outside of your favorite genre
  • Astronomy: mostly read a book at night
  • History of magic: read a book featuring witches/wizards

I am interested in a few other prompts as well, including:

  • Defense Against the Dark Arts: read a book set at sea or the coast
  • Muggle Studies: read a contemporary
  • Potions: read a book under 150 pages
  • Charms: read a book with a white cover
  • Divination: assign numbers to your TBR and use a random number generator to pick your read


bookending spring

I have participated in Bookending events in the past and enjoyed it. You can find more info about this event here. The point of this event is to write and read fun posts and connect with other bloggers. Reviews do not count for Bookending Spring. I hope to do the minimum of 3 post topics and interact in Twitter chats and blog hop.


dewey’s 24-hr readathon

I used to love doing Dewey events in college and staying up through most of the night reading and could usually knock out at least one book. I haven’t been able to read as consistently through Dewey days since graduating college four years ago, but maybe now that I’m not working I’ll be able to focus more on the reading? We shall see.



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