5 ideas for your grimoire

I’ve talked quite a bit about grimoires on here I think, but in case you need a refresher, a grimoire, or book of shadows, is basically a witch’s journal. At its most basic it is a book of spells and magical information. Think of the book of shadows from Charmed. That is a pretty good example.

Today, I’ll be talking about some ideas for starting your own grimoire.

Here they are:

  • Draw a ouija board. If you’re a closeted witch, don’t have space, don’t want to spend money on one, etc., drawing your own ouija board in a grimoire is still a great way to do spirit work.
  • Draw a crystal grid. Crystal grids are shapes with crystals at different points used for manifestation and in different kinds of spell work. Personally, I will probably never be able to afford enough crystals to create my own crystal grid, plus if I ever made one, my cats would instantly destroy it, so why not just draw one in your book of shadows? You can open up to the page with the crystal grid when you do your spellwork and keep it next to you on the grid page.
  • Altar map. This is another good idea for closeted witches, or, if you have destructive (but cute!!) cats like mine, for keeping an altar. You could do a two-page spread and either list the items you would use in an altar with their correspondences in the arrangement you would use in real life, or draw the items.
  • Crystal inventory. Something I realized once I started using crystals for my practice of witchcraft was that I had a hard time remembering both which crystals I had, what they were if they were right in front of me, and especially what their correspondences and uses were. A grimoire is a great place to make an inventory of what crystals you own and their uses.
  • Practicing sigils. Something I’ve really wanted to learn more about since becoming a witch is using sigils in my magical practice. Sigils are symbols created from a statement of intent and broken down into lines that create a new symbol. Sigils don’t have to be perfect before they go into your grimoire, and your grimoire pages would be a good place to practice drawing sigils before using them in real life.


There are definitely many uses for your grimoire, and lots of ways to personalize it to your own practice of witchcraft. These are just some suggestions on what to include if you’re starting out or looking for more creative ways to use a grimoire, so I hope this post was useful!

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