6 daily witch things to make your day more magical

If you follow this blog and have read past witchy posts, you probably know by now that for people who practice witchcraft, being a witch isn’t just about Halloween or only being magical on other holidays/sabbats. There are a lot of ways witches practice magic in their daily lives, and today’s post is going to highlight some of my personal favorite ways to add a bit of magic to the everyday.


  • Daily tarot card draw. I really do try to remember to draw a tarot card every day. I feel like drawing a card daily helps me reassess where I’m at emotionally and prepares me for what might come throughout the day. Sometimes I use my favorite physical card deck, the Kawaii Tarot, but lately I’ve been using the app for the Mystic Mondays tarot deck, which I definitely want to get the real deck of someday because it’s very pretty and cool and also even more accurate than the Kawaii Tarot deck.
  • Open the curtains/window. Obviously this is a little hard to do for those of us who are in a wintery hemisphere, but opening a window is a good way to do a simple house cleanse and let bad, negative, or stagnant energies out of your living space.
  • Tea magic. Different tea flavors/herbs used in teas do have different magical correspondences, but you don’t even have to focus on those when you have a mug of tea in the morning. A really simple magic you can do when having a morning cup of tea is to stir clockwise to attract what you want your day to bring you, or counterclockwise to banish negativity or other things you don’t want haunting you throughout the day.
  • Before you go to bed, think of things you’re thankful for or write them down. Keeping a gratitude log is actually very witchy because of how it relates to doing things with intent. You can even thank your witchcraft-related tools that you used during the day, such as your crystals or tarot deck.
  • Listen to music to charge yourself. This is my favorite low-key witchy thing to do because I always have to have music on when I’m home. I’ve come to enjoy listening to music even more now that I think of listening to music as a way to charge myself the way I would a crystal or another tool.
  • Put a crystal in your pocket or purse. Some days, I wake up knowing it’s going to be a rough day, or sometimes I just need a little extra magical boost to get me going, so I often pocket a crystal and touch it throughout the day when I need a little more mental or emotional strength. My particular favorite crystal to pocket is definitely amethyst, because it’s used for protection, and I find I’m able to ward off negative things people say to me throughout the day much better when I know it’s with me.


There are definitely a lot more ways to practice magic in your day to day life, and different things will resonate more with each individual witch. It’s up to you to find things that help the day go by and arm you for your daily life. These are the things I love personally because they hold meaning for me, and I think it’s important to find little magical things to do when you’re not doing bigger magical things like spells or rituals.

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  1. I love this list, it was great to see what daily witchy things you do! 😊 I also love gratitude journals and keep one myself, as it can really make a difference to focus on the good things that happened in a day, as I tend to see a lot of the bad things instead.

  2. Music really is a great way to charge yourself! It’s the best for me. Love the other suggestions, though! Low-energy witchcraft is sometimes condemned and I don’t understand it. These little ways might not be the most powerful, but that doesn’t mean they’re completely ineffective. Not all forms of magical practice require hard work, just look at folk magic traditions. Okay, rant over!

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