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At the beginning of the year, I decided to take part in the YARC (Year of the Asian) reading challenge. The goal is to read as many books by Asian authors as possible. You can find more info about the challenge on the blogs of the lovely  LilyVickyShealea, and CW, who are all hosting it!

I haven’t been going as hard at it as I initially thought I would even though there are a ton of books by Asian authors on my TBR list this year, but I have made the goal of getting the tarsier badge of 1-10 books. I am hoping though that I can increase my books read for this challenge by the end of the year.

anyway, here are the books I’ve read for YARC so far



fake it till you break it by jenn p. nguyen

I reviewed this one a couple months ago now and read it super early in the year, but I still remember how much I enjoyed it. FAKE IT TILL YOU BREAK IT is about Jake and Mia, two teens whose moms have been trying to get them to date for their whole lives. After her mom pushes away another cute boy, Mia and Jake decide to pretend to date and then stage a dramatic breakup to get their moms off their backs for good, but of course they realize they don’t hate each other as much as they thought. I really enjoyed the family and friendship dynamics in this book, and the romance was super cute and funny. I wished it had had a few more “larger than life” moments to make the story more intense, but overall I really liked it.



the kiss quotient by helen hoang

I wasn’t expecting to like this book at all because it was a romance with an escort and I hadn’t had any positive experiences with adult romance prior to reading this book. But I ADORED it. I loved Stella and Michael and shipped their romance from the get go. It was so well paced and well crafted and there was suspense of the will-they-or-won’t-they and just…my heart <3 <3 <3



the bride test by helen hoang

I did not like THE BRIDE TEST as much as THE KISS QUOTIENT. I thought the consent in the relationship was more dubious and wasn’t a fan of the mail order bride trope that seemed to be utilized as the main point of the romance. I felt like the chemistry between Esme and Khai was very forced and the whole story just made me uncomfortable. I’ll still read anything Helen Hoang writes though.


somehwere only we know

somewhere only we know by maurene goo

Have I told you how much I love Maurene Goo? Becuase I LOVE Maurene Goo. Her books are so light and fluffy and adorable and always leave me feeling warm and fuzzy. SOMEWHERE ONLY WE KNOW, about a one-day whirlwind romance between a K-Pop star about to make her big American break and a celebrity photographer who happens upon her while she’s looking for a hamburger definitely gave me all those feels. I loved the inside look into the k-pop scene and the romance between Jack and Lucky was just serious heart eyes.



there’s something about sweetie by sandhya menon

I was honestly a little nervous about this book because I HATED Sandhya Menon’s second book, FROM TWINKLE WITH LOVE, but fortunately I loved SWEETIE as much as I loved WHEN DIMPLE MET RISHI. SWEETIE highlights Rishi’s brother, Ashish, and Sweetie, who is a fat Desi girl trying to gain confidence in herself. This book was definitely sweet (no pun intended) and all around just amazing. I can’t wait for the book about Pinky, who was my favorite side character in SWEETIE.


I guess 5 books isn’t a bad start for this challenge, but I’d really like to read more for it before the year is out. Here are some other books that I want to read for it on my TBR list:

  • Spin the Dawn – Elizabeth Lim
  • Wicked Fox – Kat Cho
  • Love from A to Z – S. K. Ali
  • Emergency Contact – Mary H. K. Choi
  • Symptoms of a Heartbreak – Sona Charaipotra
  • Descendant of the Crane – Joan He
  • Blood Heir – Amelie Wen Zhao


Are you participating in YARC? How are you doing with the challenge? What are your favorite books you’ve read for it so far?

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  1. I’m not actively participating in it but I have read a lot of books that would fall under it! I really liked FAKE IT TILL YOU BREAK IT – didn’t love SPIN THE DAWN – and have a few more on my TBR that are on your TBR as well. Good luck with the challenge and I hope you enjoy your reads!

    1. I started Spin the Dawn over the weekend but didn’t really like the style of storytelling. the beginning felt like a big infodump/I was being told the story and it wasn’t my thing. I adored Fake it Till You Break It though; so cute!!

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