About Me

I am

Mel, your friendly neighborhood YA librarian. I am a twenty-something working and living in Baltimore.

I read

All types of YA except dystopian and sci-fi. Reasons? I am waaaaaaay over the dystopian trend and I have never met a sci-fi book I haven’t disliked. Other than that, I’m pretty into most genres of YA. I’m definitely a contemporary girl at heart, but I also love fantasy when I read it, and when I dare branch out into historical fiction, I tend to enjoy that as well. I have a passion for diverse books, especially ones dealing with issues concerning race, gender identity and sexuality, and mental illness.

I also dabble in poetry reading sometimes. I’m always on the lookout for new poets and poetry collections.

I like

YA books, obviously, and reading. Blogging. Cats (so many cats, all the time. Actually, I just have two). Tea, of which I have an overabundance. Baking too much. Indian food, sushi, too much pizza. Reality shows involving cooking or fashion. Dark shows like Jessica Jones and Stranger Things. The color purple (the color and the book). The scent of lavender. The perfect face cleanser. Mermaids, fairies, and unicorns. Millenial pink. Being cold.

I dislike

Tsunamis. Tape worms. Dogs–super terrified of dogs, sorry, dog people. The color orange. Summer (I do not like the heat). Putting laundry away right after washing my clothes. The mess that not putting laundry away makes. Tr*mp. People who ask if the computers are down when there are signs on them saying the computers are down.

To contact me

Email me at cottoncandybookwitch@gmail.com

*Please note, I DO NOT accept review requests or tour requests, sorry!