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Hello friends, and happy almost-Yule! Many traditions and religions have holiday times happening now, and witches are no different. Yule, the winter solstice, is right around the corner, so today I’m going to be sharing some information about it.

Here is some info on Yule:


Basic info: Takes place on December 21 in the northern hemisphere and June 21 on the southern hemisphere. Yule marks the day of the year when the day is the shortest and night is the longest. After the winter solstice, the days start getting longer again. It is a celebration of the “dark half” of the year ending and the “light half” beginning.

History: Many Yule traditions were assimilated into Christian traditions for Christmas, including the Yule tree, use of herbs and plants like mistletoe, ball-shaped ornaments, and the tradition of caroling.

Correspondences: Mistletoe is a commonly used plant in many Yule-like traditions, and represents love, protection, luck, and banishment (of the dark part of the year, in this case). Use cinnamon in your hot chocolates and other wintery drinks to bring love, happiness, and wealth.

Things to do: Cleanse your living space, take down old protections and put up new ones, any spellwork relating to new beginnings, make goals for the new year, make a Yule log or wreath, decorate a Yule tree.


As a small note, I know I write a lot about what I want to do for various witchy celebrations and holidays, but something I’m learning and trying to tell myself is that witches don’t HAVE to celebrate every single sabbat or esbat. You can choose which holidays on the Wheel of the Year are most personal to you, and celebrate them in any way that is meaningful to your practice.

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