all the stars and teeth week announcement

I am back to being super extra in my book promotion game, this time with Adalyn Grace’s debut fantasy novel, ALL THE STARS AND TEETH, which is being released TODAY, February 4, 2020!! Small disclaimer: I did initially have somewhat mixed thoughts about this book, but as I spent time away from it, I realized that I actually liked it a lot more than I initially thought, plus I had a lot of ideas for witchy content for it, so I am screaming about it now.


So, let me tell you about ALL THE STARS AND TEETH:


  • It’s a fantasy set on a series of magical islands, each of which has people who use a particular kind of magic. There are 7 types of magic throughout the book, including the ability to glamour your appearance or objects, the ability to manipulate time, and, of course, the crowning ability to control a person’s soul/body, which is what our main character has.
  • It features a very ambitious female MC who knows she’s destined to rule her kingdom and is very passionate about doing right by her people.
  • There is a vengeful mermaid involved who definitely needs her own book!
  • Amora, our princess, loves sailing but isn’t given an opportunity to do so fully until she’s swept up by a pirate who wants to save a kingdom she never knew was failing.
  • It is EXTREMELY bloody and dark at times, but this goth prince is HERE FOR IT. (seriously though; not for the faint of heart)


Here are the posts you can expect from me over the next few days:

  • the announcement (hi there!)
  • reasons to read all the stars and teeth
  • mermaid hair mist recipe
  • all about hexes and curses


I hope you all enjoy my content for this magical read!

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