all the stars and teeth week: curses & hexes

I am very excited about this witchy post for All the Stars and Teeth week both because it’s a subject I’m really interested in in my personal witchcraft experimentation and because it relates to one of my favorite aspects of ALL THE STARS AND TEETH itself.

In the book, there is an island that used to be part of Amora’s kingdom that was banished because people there wanted to practice multiple types of magic, which is illegal in her world because of their origin myth. The type of magic originally practiced on that island is curse magic.

Now, I will admit I have never cast a hex or curse in real life, though admittedly lately I have been wanting to hex someone…anyway. Today’s post will talk about the difference between hexes and curses.

I also want to make a small note that not everybody who practices witchcraft uses hexes or curses as part of their craft. Some witches, especially some Wiccans, believe that any magic you put out into the world comes back on you three times, so would therefore not participate in negative magic. However, this is not a belief that is held by all witches or even all practitioners of pagan religions.

So, onto curses and hexes.


what is a hex? 😈

  • a small spell that when cast causes annoyance to the target of the spell
  • only requires a small to standard amount of magical energy to cast
  • results are short-term; doesn’t impact a person’s overall quality of life
  • meant to last a day or a week
  • ex. causing forgetfulness, causing someone to get a cold, causing someone to stub their toe




what is a curse? ☠️

  • requires a lot of magical energy in order to work
  • results are long-term and can last for months or years
  • negatively impacts someone’s overall well-being
  • ex. ruining someone’s relationship or a friendship, ending someone’s career


Basically, hexes and curses are kind of opposites, in a lot of ways. I’ve read that it’s important to always make sure you know how to undo a hex or curse. I know some witches are very against this kind of magic, but personally, I have no issues with hexes and curses. It’s up to the individual witch or pagan to decide how hex and curse magic relates to their practice and/or faith.


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