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Today I’ll be participating in the Animal Crossing Book Tag, an original tag created by Bec and Angharad of Two Book ThievesThis tag celebrates reading and the lovely game Animal Crossing, which is probably helping keep at least half the population sane during isolation. Yay, Animal Crossing! You go, Animal Crossing!



Past Villager – Who is a character you found when you were younger that still has a place in your heart?

Definitely Lyra from THE GOLDEN COMPASS/His Dark Materials series. Whenever I think about that series I get so nostalgic because I listened to it on audio a million and one times when I was a kid.


Blather’s Blatherings – Recommend a historical fiction book that you think everybody should read

Um…I really don’t read much historical fiction. I can’t recommend my usual historical fic rec because the author is turning out to be trash and I can’t ignore that anymore. I guess I’ll go with SALT TO THE SEA by Ruta Sepetys, which is about an obscure ship sinking that I think took place near Poland? There was something about Poland, I think.


Celeste’s Wish – What is a future book release you wish you could read now?

Whatever Tahereh Mafi’s next book is going to be. I’ll be honest and say I still haven’t read the continuation of the SHATTER ME series and I’m not sure if I’m going to. But I loved FURTHERMORE and am liking WHICHWOOD at the moment, so I can’t wait to see what she does outside of those two worlds.


Timmy & Tommy – What is your favourite sibling relationship in a book?

TATBILB, of course!! I love the Song sisters so much. If I had ever had siblings, I would want to have a little sister exactly like Kitty (minus her spilling my deepest secrets, of cours).


The Easter Bunny – A popular book character that you’re not a big fan of

Not a single character I guess but a book–I tried reading THRONE OF GLASS recently and was…unimpressed. I was very bored by both love interests and don’t understand what the hype is about them. Caleana can do better.


Nook’s Loans – An author you’d give all your money to

Jandy Nelson and Leigh Bardugo, TAKE MY MONEY LADIES!!! Also Sandhya Menon; she can definitely have all my funds.


The Sisters Able – What is your favourite fictional family (found or otherwise)?

Blue Sargeant’s family in THE RAVEN BOYS. However, I will say that I find it hard to believe any of those women are as hetero as Maggie Stiefvater portrays them to be.


It’s a C+  – What is a book trope you don’t like that keeps popping up?

Meeting the love interest in a dream. Or meeting some other important character in a dream. Can we retire this please?


The Wandering Camel – What is your favourite book set in a land far away from yours?

Honestly most of the books I’ve been reading lately don’t feature places I’d actually want to go. Like…do I want to be buried in Kalyazi snow or traipse through Tranavian swamps, or cross the Fold? That would be a hard no. But maybe Lyra’s version of Oxford in THE GOLDEN COMPASS so I could have an animal soul companion.


What Would Dodos Do?  – A fictional land you wish you could fly away to at any moment?

Actually, I would like to go to the Inkworld from INKHEART. It’s so magical and wondrous.

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  1. Oh, this is such a fun Tag! I don’t have a Switch, but I’m playing a bit of Animal Crossing Pocket Camp on my phone to ease the FOMO 😄 I recently read Salt to the Sea and really liked it as well, makes me want to look forward to reading her other books as well 🥰

    1. I have it on my phone too but haven’t played it there yet. She had another book out last year called the Fountains of Silence (i think) that sounded good also 🙂

  2. This is such a fun tag! I’ve loved Animal Crossing since Wild World and I’m so addicted to New Horizons right now 🙂 Leigh Bardugo can definitely take all of my money, she has yet to disappoint me 😀

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