april rewind // it’s been 84 years…

…and it’s still 2020. fml. Honestly, what is up with 2020 being a garbage fire. Okay, time for the monthly rewind.


what happened

  • I had a family Zoom chat. This is probably the only thing of note that happened this month, tbh. It was kind of nice because we can never all be in the same place as each other because we live from CT all the way to Alaska, so it’s hard to see that many of the cousins at the same time anymore. It was also kind of challenging because there were so many people in the call but it was good to hear everyone’s updates. Apparently most of my cousins’ children are very excited to have everybody at home, lol. And one of my cousins is pregnant so that’s cool for them.
  • I started the Three Dark Crowns series. I should save this for my next section but it is also newsworthy enough to include in this section because GODDAMN, I can’t believe I slept on this FANTASTIC series for so freaking long. This series is definitely going to be the death of me, I can already feel it.
  • Nothing else really of note.


what i read

I am frankly appalled by how few books I’ve read during quarantine. I’ve been under isolation for 40+ days and I’ve only read THREE BOOKS?? For SHAME. I really wish I had the ability to concentrate more and felt more invested in reading because this would be an excellent time to knock some stuff off my tbr. But anyway, here are my thoughts on my April reads:

  • Love Sugar Magic: A Dash of Trouble – I’m super happy I decided to check this one out from my library’s OverDrive. It’ super delightful and about brujas who do magic through baking. It’s a middle grade paranormal series and I’m really excited for the rest of the books in the series and it’s the first MG series I’ve been interested in continuing for a while.
  • Whichwood – I read this one because I thought I’d try to read some of the physical copies on my unread books shelf because I really shouldn’t need an entire shelf from my unread books. This was a companion to FURTHERMORE, a really good MG fantasy, about a moordeshore, or person who washes dead bodies to prepare them for the afterlife. To be honest, I felt like this one was a little overdone and was gory and dark just for a shock factor and I wasn’t super invested in it. It was still well-written for the most part, but I ended up skimming the last third of this.
  • Three Dark Crowns – I stan this series so hard now. It’s so dark in all the right ways and I can tell it’s going to destroy my soul by the end and if Billy dies I am going to SCREAM. Everything about this series is *chef’s kiss* except Mirabella, she’s the only character who’s kind of bland to me.


around the blogosphere

  • Maha wrote about being productive/creative during hard times
  • Caro wrote another post in my favorite blogging feature she does about getting back into writing
  • Kat gave some tips on using SEO in your blog posts
  • Karis posted about how she rates books
  • Kathy wrote about how historical fiction has been comforting to her lately


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  1. I’m so happy to hear that you could chat with your whole family and catch up 🥰 It’s also amazing that you’ve found a new series to love! I only read the first two Three Dark Crowns books, but since this got expanded into a quartet you have a lot more books to enjoy 😊 Also thank you so much for featuring my post! 💕

    1. you’re welcome 🙂 and yes I am so psyched that there are 4 whole three dark crowns books; I haven’t been excited about a series in many eons, lol.

  2. lmao it really has been 84 years since we were naive enough to think that 2020 might be good hasn’t it. I haven’t been reading much in quarantine concentrating is hard I feel you. hope may is better! (although at this rate may is probably when the zombies are gonna show up)

  3. I believe I had a family zoom call in April too or maybe it was March? It was chaotic as hell lol. Ooh Three Dark Crowns is on my TBR too and now you’ve got me really psyched for it!

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