august goals

I couldn’t think of any end of old month/beginning of new month puns, so woohoo, you are all saved from my bad jokes/sense of humor. It’s also not quite a new month yet, but as I mentioned in my wrap-up post, I’m doing my monthly posts a little early because I’m starting my new job and probably wont’ have time to write them during the actual week. So here we are with the monthly goals post. Does anyone enjoy these or do I write them just for myself? The world may never know.


july goals

  • Read 5 novels.       X        I did not do this. I also intended to read 5 YA prose novels specifically, but 2 were MG, 1 was a graphic novel, and 1 was a poetry collection.
  • Read 2 July releases.            XX        I did not do this. Oops.
  • Watch one movie per weekend.            X!         I honestly can’t remember if I did this. I did it for three weekends at least. I may have to repeat this goal again.
  • Reduce my Diet Coke intake again.                  XX         Ummmmm, I EPICALLY failed at this goal. I actually increased my Diet Coke intake.
  • Have 4 bottles of water 5 days out of the week.         XX       Did not do this either.
  • Work on my WIP ideas once a week.          XX      Lol. lolololol. I did not do this even once. I forgot this goal existed. I blocked it out of my mind so I wouldn’t have to do it. Bad Mel.


august goals

  • Read 5 novels. Trying this goal again.
  • Read SPIN THE DAWN, WILDER GIRLS, and WICKED FOX. I sometimes make a TBR for myself for the month but never stick to it. But I do really want to make sure I read these three books, so I’m making reading them an official goal for the month.
  • Finish THE RAVEN BOYS and DAISY JONES AND THE SIX. Maybe I should make a monthly TBR post for this month. But I am determined to finally finish these books even though it’s taking me forever and a half.
  • Reduce my diet coke intake. Preferably one can per day, two max.
  • Try one new recipe per week. I’ve been getting very bored of the food I’ve been having, probably because I tend to make the same foods until I get tired of them. So I want to try one new recipe that I did not make the week previously every week.
  • Start research/outlining/planning of my WIP ideas. I guess I can’t really call them WIPs because they are not IP yet. But I want them to be! So I want to start doing research and planning to write them. No set number of times this month.
  • Start working towards my daily step goal again. I seriously fell off the wagon in terms of my 10,000 step daily goal in July, so I want to try to do that again in August because getting my steps does make me feel better and reduces my anxiety. Plus it wakes me up in the morning. So I want to start doing this again, at least 4 times per week.

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