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Hello internet, it’s me again! Gosh, that could be the title of a YA book, like an updated, 2018 version of Are You There, God? It’s Me, Margaret. Or maybe I’m just being silly. Anyway.

This is not my first go-around with blogging. Though this may be a new blog, I am by no means a new blogger. I actually started blogging in 2012 at Bibliophilia: A Love Story, which later became The Bibliotaph, which later moved to Blogger as Bookish Minis, then The Cuddly Teapot. My blogging journey has gone through many incarnations and I’ve experimented with writing about many things, but I’ve always managed to stick books in there somewhere, because that is my original blogging love.

A Word and a Whisper is definitely going to be primarily a book blog. On it, I plan to talk about books and reading, writing (if I ever get around to doing that again), librarianship, being an introvert, and being an adult dealing with anxiety.

I just realized I keep saying “I” but you have no idea who I am yet! I’m Shayna, a twenty-something from Baltimore working as a YA librarian. I basically only read YA (no sci-fi though, that is a major ew/no-no/etc for me) with the occasional dash of poetry (Amanda Lovelace and Rupi Kaur forever!!! (but mostly Amanda Lovelace because she’s better!!!)), love cats (I have two, and they’re kittens, so expect many cat pictures), and drink a lot of tea.

Other than this being an introductory post, I also want to make you suffer through some of my blogging goals that I have for this time around the blogging train:


Some VeryVeryIncrediblyExtremely Realistic Goals

  1. Stop worrying about stats!! My sarcasm in the title of this part of the post is mainly aimed at this goal, because I have tried to do this for all of my almost 6 years of blogging and failed miserably. I have definitely quit because of stats, or lack thereof. It just gets frustrating sometimes when I feel like I’m doing all the right blogging things and am enjoying it yet nobody is reading it and therefore enjoying my enjoyment and my words, which are obviously very important.
  2. Set a blogging schedule. I have never done this because I have always been the type of blogger who thinks “oh no, if I don’t post every day of the week everyone will forget me,” even though that hasn’t really worked out for me in general. This time, I think I want to set a schedule of certain days to post so I only set myself up to post a few times a week so that way I don’t get overwhelmed or burn out.
  3. Keep up with my Goodreads challenge goal but don’t get crazy over it. Currently my goal is set to 50 again. I don’t know how other book bloggers read over 200 books a year; do you have full-time jobs? Or social lives (not that those are that important, honestly. All you need are books)? I really, REALLY want to get back up to reading 100+ books per year but at present due to stress, life, and full-time jobbing, this is probably and perhaps unrealistic.
  4. Stop comparing myself to other bloggers. Sometimes I feel like other bloggers have a more fun writing style than I do, or that their stats are better or more people comment on their posts and they actually know how to interact with people on Twitter (I do not know how to do this) and it stresses me out and I feel bad about myself and my blog. I would very much like to not do this. But we shall see.


Those are my main goals thus far, though I assume I will think of more as time goes on. And now, a question for you, who may or may not exist and be reading: what were some of your blogging goals when you first started blogging? How have they changed over time? What are your goals now?


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