Blogging Fears // ft. throwing your arms across your eyes and screaming

Blogging Fears

I’m blogging again, yay me! Over the past couple of years, I’ve really struggled with blogging; I’ve switched sites a bunch of times, changed the name of the blogs a million more, quit a lot and started up again. This time I really hope I’m in it for another long haul (the longest I’ve blogged consistently is 5 years), but I have a lot of fears and worries about blogging again, so I’ve decided to purge them by sharing them with you in this post.

  1. Freaking out over stats. I wrote in my first post how I quit the last few times because I got really, REALLY low stats. Actually, I’m not sure how low they are compared to other bloggers because people don’t often just throw their stats out there unless they’re a celebrity blogger (yes, I think those are still somewhat of a thing, though most have quit), but I imagine I’m on the really pathetically low end of things for the most part. I really don’t want to be bogged down by my fear of stats this time around because I know I should be blogging just because I like to. But stats are important to me because they’re validating and I want people to read what I write! It’s all well and good to say “blog because you love it,” but you also blog because you want people to see it! I just am very worried about letting my fears about stats overtake me again and prevent me from doing something I love doing.
  2. Maybe my blogging time is just up. Since I have been so on and off with blogging lately, I’ve wondered if maybe it’s just time to throw in the towel and quit altogether. However, I really don’t think most of the time that I’m ready for that. Blogging has been a part of my bookish identity for so long and I always miss it when I’m not doing it, so I think I still have some left in me.
  3. Book blogging is irrelevant. There have been a smattering of discussions about this lately from various people, and I have to say I definitely have this fear as well. I’m not really sure where book bloggers fit in with book twitter, booktubers, and bookstagrammers anymore. booktube and bookstagram in particular are really taking off now, which freaks me out because I am not a very visually inclined person, even though I do have interest in experimenting with photography. But, most of the original celebrity bloggers have quit, and I’m having trouble finding new, exciting people who don’t just mimic the styles of other famous blogs. And, if book blogging is irrelevant, what is the point of doing it even if I love it?
  4. I’m really not that great a blogger, and my voice isn’t interesting enough. I’ve always considered writing to be one of my strong suits, and personally I really like what I post and think it fits in well with the blogging community. Still, I worry that my style isn’t super fun or engaging enough or young enough because I do like a somewhat more formal style. I do have a sense of humor and sassiness for sure, but I often worry that my posts don’t have as much character as other bloggers, and maybe that’s what makes my blog stay so tiny and unknown.

I know this is kind of a downer of a post, but I’m hoping that maybe I’m not the only blogger with these fears? I used to be a lot more confident about my blogging before I quit for the first time in 2016, but after that, I started letting my doubts consume me, and honestly, they still kind of do. If anyone has any tips on how they fight their fears about blogging, please let me know in the comments, because I could really use them!

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  1. Oh these fears are totally valid and I can relate. A lot. I have to say that, despite people throwing around, me included, that stats don’t and shouldn’t matter, deep down, we all really care about them anyway because they make us feel validated, they make us feel like we’re seen and heard and that makes us very happy. Yet there’s something that we shouldn’t try and do, is compare ourselves to those big bloggers, or just try and see how we’re doing compared to anyone else, really. IT’s easier said than done, but ultimately, whatever we are writing is for us and it should make us happy before anything else. That’s what I always try to tell myself 🙂
    It’s hard to know where we fit in, with bookstagram and all of the other social media platforms talking about books – but we are still a MASSIVE amount of book bloggers, everywhere, really this has no end, so don’t give up on it. You’ll find a ton of book bloggers, will start chatting with them and, so far, despite my recent thoughts and chats on the topic of irrelevance when it comes to book blogging… seeing just how many we are really is reassuring, too 🙂 x
    And YOU ARE and will be interesting in all of your next blog posts, just do you, be genuine, share your thoughts, be open to conversations, don’t be afraid to chat and reach out to other bloggers 🙂 x
    Fantastic post <3 I hope you'll have a great time blogging again! 🙂

    1. I hope I do, too! I’ve experimented a little with other book-chattting mediums and I just like blogging the best. I’m trying to experiment with bookstagram a little, but it’s hard because I don’t have the time or skills to do it really, so we’ll see how it works out. Worrying about stats is really so hard to ignore, but I’m going to try really hard to blog more like I did when I first started and just do it because I love it, not for the stats.

      If you have any recs for new blogs, I’d love to hear them, btw 🙂 I’ve mostly been scrolling through commenters on other blogs to find cool new people to follow, which is helpful, and using Twitter. It is nice to know that there are still people out there blogging, even if it’s maybe not as “big” as it once was.

      Thanks for such a thoughtful comment <3

      1. Oh I would have so many recommendations for book bloggers, I wouldn’t even know where to start haha, maybe I should do a whole blog post about them. I tend to scroll down people’s comments to find new bloggers, too 😀 and there are so many people still blogging, it’s beautiful to see 🙂
        you’re so welcome! 🙂 x

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