blogmas day 2: witchy ways to celebrate winter

Today’s blogmas post is purely witchy and all about witchy ways you can celebrate winter! These tips are compiled from various Tumblr posts and my own witchy ideas.

  • Wear shimmery highlighters and glittery blue nailpolish to feel closer to nature and snow/ice during this time of year
  • Carry sparkly white quartz (looks like icicles!) and touch it when you need a power boost
  • Enchant or glamour your sweaters for beauty or protection
  • Partake in tea or hot chocolate magic–add spices corresponding to your intentions, or, for a really simple one, stir clockwise to attract something and counterclockwise to banish. When I remember, I often stir clockwise to try to attract positivity into my day
  • Cleanse your crystals by freezing them in water
  • Meditate while watching the snow fall
  • Create freezed potions (ex. in an ice tray)
  • Get cozy at home under your blankets and learn about something new; witch history, local witchy things, mythology, correspondences, etc.
  • Collect snow and melt it for spell water and charge it under the December full moon
  • Set goals for the new year
  • Weave a wreath with plants that correspond with Yule and the Solstice
  • Practice hearth and home magic
  • Celebrate Yule/the Solstice (possible post on that to come)

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