blogmas day 4: books I want to read before 2019

Knowing how much of a mood reader I am, I am probably not actually going get to read any of these books before 2019 because I’ll likely be in the mood for things I don’t need to read before then. There are so many books I missed this year, but these are some from 2018 and from previous years that I really do need to get around to.

  • Darius the Great is Not Okay | Adib Khorram – I was not super psyched when this came out but still wanted to read it for the Persian rep because my boyfriend is Persian. However, said boyfriend has read the book and hated it, so now I am skeptical, plus it’s gotten a comped to my least favorite book, ARISTOTLE & DANTE, etc., a lot, so I am WORRIED. But I still feel like I need to read it because everyone was so excited and my boyfriend wants me to hate it with him.
  • Emergency Contact | Mary H. K. Choi –Β This book got onto my radar pretty much solely because other bloggers adored it so much. It does sound right up my alley: anxiety rep and a slow burn romance, so hopefully I’ll get around to reading my ARC of this one finally.
  • Autoboyography | Christina Lauren –Β I was so excited about AUTOBOYOGRAPHY the year it came out but psyched myself out of reading it because I was so excited about it and then one of my best friends read it and hated it. But so many bloggers I trust loved it, so I’m hoping they’ll all be correct and I’ll love it as much as everyone else did.


  • Tiny Pretty Things | Dhonielle Clayton & Sona Charaipotra –Β O. M. G. Why have I not read this book yet? I’ve been meaning to read it for 3 FREAKING YEARS and both books in the series are still waiting, unread, on my Kindle. This book features ballerinas and is comped to Black Swan and PLL, and I live for things comped to PLL, but I still haven’t read it because I am terrible. To be remedied soon, perhaps??
  • The Foxhole Court | Nora Sakavic –Β  This is yet another book that got on my radar solely through other bloggers, because a while ago this year, it started popping up on literally everyone’s blogs. I’d seen it before and dismissed it because I hated the covers, but now I’m convinced I should read it even though all I know about it is that it’s GAY and there are SPORTS and GAY.
  • Dread Nation | Justina Ireland – I NEED to read this book. We have a big event in June at the library and I’ve been pushing for a writer panel and for us to invite Justina Ireland…but I haven’t read DREAD NATION yet for some reason even though it’s set in my city and she’s amazing and terrifying and glorious. So, note to self: READ THIS F***ING BOOK!!



  • A Reaper at the Gates | Sabaa Tahir – OMG I can’t believe I almost forgot to include this one on the list. This is probably my most anticipated read that came out this year and yet…I still haven’t read it. I have such complicated feelings about reading this book. I really, REALLY want to read it, but am also dreading it and stressed about it because what if it’s not as good as the others? And I can’t decide if I should reread A TORCH AGAINST THE NIGHT because I felt lost when I tried to start it earlier in the year. I basically remember what happens, but I always have such trouble getting resituated in a series. I don’t know what to do about this book. I’ll probably end up avoiding it until next year when I’ve REALLY forgotten about TORCH.

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  1. Great list! I’ve been convinced I need to read The Foxhole Court by bloggers too. I can’t stand the covers, but hopefully the inside lives up to the hype. And I loved Emergency Contact so much, I hope you do too πŸ’•

  2. good luck with this list!! reaper at the gates IS SOO GOOD im positive youre going to love it! i totally forgot everything that happened in torch against the night so i just read a recap for the first two books lol.

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