bookending spring: springtime jam

It’s time for my last post for Bookending Spring with the Springtime Jam prompt, which asks bloggers to share their favorite things about spring, bookish or not. Bookending Spring is hosted by Sam and this prompt is hosted by Michelle.


my favorite things about spring

  • It’s Dewey’s Readathon time! I always used to look forward to about April 20-25ish for the past few years because that’s usually the time when the Dewey’s 24-hour readathon is hosted. I haven’t been participating the past few times, but I’m hoping to read at least a couple hours for the current event, which is today!
  • Camp NaNo. I also used to participate in Camp NaNo and have in the past gotten a good chunk of WIPs written before. Now that I’m not participating, I still really like reading people’s posts about writing for the event and reading about people’s awesome-sounding WIPs that I definitely need on my shelf.
  • T-shirt weather. I love sweaters, but I’m always excited to put them away and bring out my comfy and cute t-shirts. I just feel lighter when I’m wearing t-shirts and that’s always a nice feeling.
  • Visiting home. Typically, I go home to visit my parents in May because it counts as kind of a Mother’s Day/my mom’s birthday visit. I’m really bummed I can’t travel home this year.
  • May book releases. I don’t know why this is, but for some reason May is always FILLED with amazing new book releases. Spring and Fall are generally the best release seasons, but May especially is a month that always has what feels like hundreds of new books.


what are your favorite things about spring?


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  1. So many new releases like you said & warm enough to sit outside and read or bring the book on a walk to find a good spot! Maybe not so much reading in random spot during these times, but

  2. It’s Readathon Day! I hope you are getting a few hours in. I like the longer days as the world around here pulls out of winter.

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