Bookending Winter: Warming Your Winter

This prompt for Bookending Winter is hosted by Lauren @ Northern Plunder.Ā Bookending Winter is an event hosted by Book Dragons and more information can be found here.

Today’s topic is Warming Your Winter, and the prompt is to talk about some bloggers you’ve been reading this year and reflect on friendships and good posts.


I would be remiss if I didn’t include the lovely Marie of Drizzle & Hurricane Books on this list. I’ve been following her for a lot longer than I’ve been blogging on this particular blog, but since starting A Word and a Whisper, I’ve had the privilege of getting to know her through the comments. She has been supportive of my blogging journey from the very beginning, and upon going back through my posts, I discovered she was actually my very first comment on this blog!! I’m honored to call her a friend and hope we continue to get to know each other. Plus, obviously, her blog is amazing! I love all her posts, especially her discussion posts, and take a lot of stock in her reviews as well, since we seem to have similar tastes.



Another blogger I’ve really enjoyed following and getting to know through comments is Caro of The Book Cheshire Cat. I particularly love her posts on writing, but honestly get so much joy from ALL of her posts. Also, her blog is just so cute and makes me feel all warm and fuzzy any time I go on it.



Since starting my new Twitter account, I’ve been lucky enough to start talking to some of my favorite bloggers who I haven’t talked to as much in comments, including the lovely Elizabeth of Redgal Musings. She is such a kind and interesting person and I really hope to continue getting to know her.



Kat of Novels and Waffles is someone I’ve just started getting to know and only recently followed, but I already don’t know what I ever did without her posts on my feed. She was also kind enough to read my queer bookish WIP and had extremely helpful things to say about it. If you’re not already following her, do yourself a favor and go do that, because what is better than kindness, generosity, books, and breakfast??



Malanie of Malanie Loves Fiction is another precious gem of the blogging world. If you want more posts on friendship in YA, Malanie is the person to be following. I especially like her list and recommendation posts. As a lover of contemporary books, I particularly liked her somewhat recent guide to contemporary books, which still managed to introduce me to a bunch of new titles that I now want to read!


There are obviously so many people I could have included on this list, so if you’re not there, please don’t think I’ve forgotten or don’t appreciate you! I have been so fortunate this time around with blogging to make many blogging friends and become more involved with the community more than I ever had the courage to before, and I love and appreciate you all!!

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  1. Ahhh was I really the first comment? This makes me so happy and a little bit emotional as well šŸ˜­ This is such a sweet post Mel, I feel so honored to be mentioned! It’s been so amazing to get to know you better and to chat with you in comments, too, I love it SO much and hope it continues for a long time, too! <3 <3 <3
    I'm also so happy to know all of the bloggers mentioned here, they're all SO incredible! <3

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