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Even though I am not a big fan of summer because I do not like heat and hot weather and sweat and buildings with no air conditioning, summer still has a weird magic that makes it feel like a special time. Maybe because all the good YA romances take place in summer, and all the epic adventures happen when school is out and pools are open.

All of this just to say, I have decided to make a list of some of my reading goals for the summer and work out how I want to spend my summer reading time.

Here are my bookish goals for the summer months:

  • Read for Pride. I mentioned in my May wrap-up post that I’ve been feeling weird about Pride this year because I’m really struggling with my personal gender identity and sexuality, and maybe that’s one of the reasons I haven’t been focusing on reading queer-themed books as much this year as I normally do. My goal is to read only queer books during Pride month, but I don’t know how doable that will be since there are so many other books I want to read.
  • Read 2 Book Expo books per month. During the summer months, I want to put some focus on reading the books I got from Book Expo and try not to forget about all of them as the months go on. I’m definitely in a post-con funk and hopefully reading some of the books I picked up at said con will help pick me back up again.
  • Read at least 2 books from my unread shelf per month. I have a whole shelf filled with books I haven’t read yet, and this summer I really want to start making a dent in it. I always look at the books on the shelf and get excited to read them “eventually,” but eventually has yet to come and I want to make it NOW. So, this summer I will try to read at least 2 unread books that I own per month.
  • Unhaul some books. I also want to get rid of all the books I’ve been meaning to get rid of this season. I have a bunch of books I’ve been wanting to ditch but no ideas of what to do with them so I need to figure out some way to get rid of them soon. I thought about using #bookishwish again for some since that’s worked for me in the past and I really want them to go to loving homes for people who might not be able to get them otherwise.
  • Explore and participate on Writeblr. Aka, writing Tumblr. I’ve rediscovered Tumblr this past year and it is a weird but often cool place. I recently discovered a lot of cool writeblrs and poets on Tumblr when I searched for inspiration for sharing some of the poetry I’ve been writing while doing The Artist’s Way and feel very inspired to get involved in the Tumblr writing community. You can check out my writeblr here. Yes, the title is based on Julia Drake’s upcoming book, The Last True Poets of the Sea.

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  1. I hope to write more this summer as well. Do you write pretty consistently? I get so sucked into it that I can write a lot in a couple weeks, and then not for another month. Hopefully I’ll change that habit this summer 🌼

    1. honestly, I haven’t written consistently pretty much…ever. I have short bursts of super productivity during NaNoWriMo and camp NaNoWriMo times, but then after that I can’t motivate myself to write again. The last time I’ve really written anything consistent was probably over a year ago at this point, but since I’m trying to add more structure and things to do in my life I’m hoping I can add in some writing time.

      1. I get it! I just want to get better with my writing because I feel like I’ve got an idea of a certain level of story I would like to be able to tell, and just doesn’t have the skill to yet. I started and then quit reading ‘on writing’ by king and it had a lot of exercises that i’m hoping to go through with this summer and kind of start slow and at a pace i can keep maintaining. I haven’t looked very much into how non-professional people usually write, but I think maintaining a pace would perhaps stop me becoming so fully obsessive over it through like a month at the time – but it’s all fun so *shrug* write as occassional as you’d like (i keep reminding myself as well)

  2. Oh yay I love your summer goals! I definitely need to get back on track with my goal of reading all the books on my unread shelf, so I like your idea about trying to read two each month. I definitely think I could get on board with that! I also just followed your tumblr (although I’m almost never on there… my dash overwhelms me and I’m pretty sure everyone who’s following my tumblr stopped being active about 4+ years ago…) so maybe that will be a new source of inspiration for me! I’m glad that it sounds like you’re continuing with the artist’s way and I hope that it’s as helpful for you as it has been for me! <3<3

    1. thanks for the follow! I’m unsure how much I’ll actually use it but I’m hoping having a place to share my writing might motivate me to at least write some more poetry, which I’ve been really enjoying on my artist’s way journey.

  3. Oh best of luck for your summer goals, Mel! <3 I also want to do a big… well, summer cleaning since spring's almost gone ahah of my books and maybe unhaul some of them to make space for new ones I'll love a little more 🙂

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