books from last year that i missed

I have a weird habit of avoiding reading my most anticipated books of the year. Why do I do this? I have no clue. But I swear, it happens nearly every year. I’ve gotten a little better about it in recent years, but even still, there’s simply never enough time in the year to read all the amazing-sounding books that come out over the months. In recognition of the fact that there’s never enough time to read all the books I want to read, here is a list of some books from last year that I missed and want to get to this year (maybe. hopefully.)

31019571  The way this was pitched was as a book about a girl with anxiety who falls for another girl who’s not afraid of anything. I was really excited for f/f romance plus anxiety rep, but somehow this one fell to the wayside last year even though I’m pretty sure it came out in February. Also I didn’t know until today it was set in Vancouver, which could be interesting.



More queer rep! Bi! Rep! Bi boy moves to conservative Utah, gets dared to take a writing seminar where the students have to write a whole novel over the course of a semester, and falls in love with the seminar TA. I’ve heard mixed things about this book but the general feeling seems to be that it’s queer fluffy trash, which honestly I can go for any time. Give me fluffy queer trash, please!




32991569 I’m somewhat embarrassed to admit I haven’t read any of                 the GRACELING books. To be fair, they did come out when I was starting to get                    more heavily into contemps. This one tells the same-ish story with different                          choices and decisions in four (I think??) different genres, which is something I                    haven’t seen done before. Give me all the genre-bendy YA!


31447601 I am so upset with myself for missing out on this one last year. I LOVED Riley Redgate’s debut, SEVEN WAYS WE LIE, and was thrilled to get accepted to read the eARC of NOTEWORTHY. I mean, how could a book about a girl singer who disguises herself as a guy to get into an all-male acapella group possibly be anything other than amazing? Maybe I’ll get around to it soon…


31449227 I still get so mad when I see people upset that this book                 deals with a protagonist who realizes she might be bi instead of gay. Sexuality is                 fluid for some people. It may not be fluid for YOU, or so you think, but it is very                   possible and REALISTIC that someone might realize they feel things differently than           they thought as they get older and evolve. Plus, I was interested in reading a book               that deals with the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina, which I’ve never really read                 other than Dave Eggers’ ZEITOUN. Side note: why did I miss all the queer books last           year? What is wrong with me??


30807329 I honestly don’t really remember why I wanted to read this one? It may have been a case of getting swept up in the somewhat-hype that happened near its release. I am pretty certain that I didn’t read it because I tend to avoid books that are 400+ pages since my reading pace has slowed so much over the past couple years. Looking back at the synopsis though, it does sound rather intriguing: a girl who’s obsessed with disappearances, a boy who loves galaxies and space, and their obsession with a mysterious filmmaker/novelist.


18336972.jpg Of all the books on this list, HERE WE ARE NOW is the                one that was probably most anticipated and most avoided. Jasmine Warga’s                         debut, MY HEART AND OTHER BLACK HOLES, is a precious, precious gem of a                     book and one of my absolute favorites, and I’ve been so excited yet also so super                 super nervous for her to come out with another book. My main reason for                           avoiding this one is a fear that it won’t be as good.


Have you read any of these? Which ones should be at the top of my backlist TBR pile?

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  1. I’ve read Autoboyography last year and it’s definitely a fave! It was just so sweet and raw, and Tanner’s struggle in the new town was just so heartfelt all throughout the book. I highly recommend it! 😀

    1. Ooh yay, I’ll probably read that one soon. These lists have finally encouraged me to start some of these books!

  2. Oh I LOVED Noteworthy so, so much, I hope you’ll get to read that one soon! I also really want to read Autoboyography, I heard so many amazing things about this book 🙂

  3. I haven’t read Jasmine Warga’s first book, so I can’t compare, but I absolutely loved Here We Are Now! I think it’s a really underrated contemporary gem 😊

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