Books I’ve Added to my TBR Recently

All bookworms understand the problem of the never-ending TBR list. My “want to read” shelf on Goodreads is currently 359 books long, but that doesn’t mean I ever stop adding to it. Today, I wanted to share some of the titles that I have added to my TBR list over the past couple of months.

  • Enchantee | Gita Trelease – This is one that I added mainly because of the hype, aka everyone asking for it on #booksfortrade. However, it does sound quite good. It’s about a girl in Paris in 1789 whose parents die of smallpox, and then she uses dark magic to transform herself to survive. I like alternate histories with magic, so this should be fun.
  • The Everlasting Rose | Dhonielle Clayton – I don’t know how I missed the cover reveal for this??? It’s not as pretty as THE BELLES, but still good. I’m debating rereading THE BELLES before diving into this book, which I wanted to read as soon as I was autoapproved on NetGalley. I am looking forward to this sequel.
  • Slayer | Kiersten White – I really liked Kiersten White’s paranormal duology from a couple years ago, and this book sounds different than the other based-on-already-existing-stories books out there like the YA Marvel books. This isn’t about Buffy, but still has to do with vampire slayage and such. I might actually give this one a read.



  • An Assassin’s Guide to Love & Treason | Virginia Boecker – I dislike that this title is a rip of of the GENTLEMAN’S GUIDE duology, but oh well. I added this on kind of a whim after hearing about it at a virtual librarian’s conference, and it sounds like it might be good. A girl discovers her father was plotting to kill Queen Elizabeth I, and sets out to carry out his mission.
  • Winterwood | Shea Earnshaw – This is the second book by the author of THE WICKED DEEP, which I still haven’t read. It’s about a creepy forest in the mountains where a boy everyone thought was dead suddenly returns. Give me all the creeptastic, atmospheric YA, please!
  • The Last Witchdoctor | Rena Barron – This book is set in a West-African inspired fantasy kingdom, and is about a girl who can’t do magic even though she’s descended from a long line of witch doctors.


Are any of these books on your lists? What have you added to your TBR recently?

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  1. This is such a wonderful list! I’m really curious about Enchantée just as well and ahhhh I am so excited about The Belles’ second book, I loved the first one and that cover is soooooo gorgeous 😀

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