books i’ve dnf’ed this year

Folks, I have a problem, and the problem is all the books I’ve DNF’ed or decided not to read this year. Even though I’ve read a good amount (4 books as of the writing of this post, not counting all the picture books I’ve read), I’ve also DNF’ed about twice as much as I’ve read. Today, I’ll be sharing the books I’ve DNF’ed and why I decided not to finish them.



the family upstairs – lisa jewell

Why I wanted to read it: The entire reason I signed up for Book of the Month was to try reading different things, specifically adult books. I thought I’d like this thriller because I’m fascinated by cults, plus the MC turned out to be my age.

Why I DNF’ed it: There was a rape scene about halfway through and I figured it would only get more upsetting from there, and I didn’t want to further traumatize myself by continuing to read the book even though the writing was excellent.



dark and deepest red – anna-marie mclemore

Why I wanted to read it: I do this thing with AMM where I always think I’m going to love her books because I love lyrical writing and her stories sound so magical. This one is about a magical plague, plus all her books are queer, so it seemed like a Mel book.

Why I DNF’ed it: I don’t think AMM’s writing style is actually for me. I think there’s a line between lyrical and purple prose, and for me, her writing crosses the line into purple prose. I also had a weirdly hard time following this story and what was going on.



infinity son – adam silvera

Why I wanted to read it: Honestly, this was not very high on my TBR list because I haven’t liked any of Adam Silvera’s previous books even though I always try them except for WHAT IF IT’S US. I just want him to be good because he’s queer and writes queer books.

Why I DNF’ed it: I immediately HATED the writing style of this book. It was written like a super gritty contemporary, but it was fantasy?? I just hated the writing style.



get a life, chloe brown – talia hibbert

Why I wanted to read it: I’ve gotten interested in reading more romances recently, and I was super intrigued because this one features a black, chronically ill MC.

Why I DNF’ed it: I just wanted the romance to happen faster and I also found my mind wandering too much while I was reading waiting for it to happen, so I realized I might not be in the mood for it right now.



lucky caller – emma mills

Why I wanted to read it: I loved THIS ADVENTURE ENDS and keep meaning to read more books by Emma Mills.

Why I DNF’ed it: I just found the writing/voice too young. It wasn’t bad or anything; I just didn’t feel like reading something that read that young.



foul is fair – hannah capin

Why I wanted to read it: It’s a feminist Macbeth retelling about revenge.

Why I DNF’ed it: I found it too upsetting because the whole premise of the book is this girl getting revenge for being sexually assaulted. I knew that going in, and the assault wasn’t even on the page, but I found the aftermath too upsetting as well and didn’t feel like reading something triggering.



loveboat, taipei – abigail hing wen

Why I wanted to read it: Romance! Travel! Reading about another culture/country!

Why I DNF’ed it: I just felt like it was a story I’d read before over and over again: teen who doesn’t want to follow their parents’ expectations gets sent off to a foreign country for character building and Learns Stuff and Falls in Love. I just didn’t feel like it was that unique enough or new enough that I needed to keep reading. I was really sad about it though because I was initially very excited for it and some of my blogging friends really lovd it.


I really don’t know what’s with me and all these DNFs. I’m worried I’m growing out of YA, even though I still think YA is great and there are a lot of great YA books and plenty YA books that I still want to read. I’m just feeling a little lost at the moment and not knowing what kind of book or writing style I’m in the mood for. Hopefully I’ll get over this DNFing phase soon though, because I really want to read through my TBR this year!

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  1. I actually cancelled my Infinity son order because of all the negative reviews which made me feel like this book would be an instant DNF for me. I DNF’ed mainly 2019 releases, We hunt the flame and Nocturna jamongst them.

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