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I have an Edelweiss problem. And a NetGalley problem too, if we’re being honest here, but really, Edelweiss has become much more of a thorn in my side lately because they KEEP ADDING AMAZING BOOKS which means my TBR KEEPS GETTING BIGGER. How dare they? I thought I would torture you all today with some of the amazing books I’ve been requesting on Edelweiss lately, in the hopes that perhaps you, too, will feel my pain.


  • The Age of Witches | Louisa Morgan – Rival! Witch! Families! An MC from a long line of witches! Using magic to help women in need! Using magic to get ahead in Gilded Age New York! Do you see why I needed this book?
  • A Song Below Water | Bethany C. Horrow – ASBW is a debut about two magical black girls and includes SIRENS. I will read literally all the siren books to ever exist, please and thank you. So excited to read this one!!!
  • Today Tonight Tomorrow | Rachel Lynn Solomon – I really liked Rachel Lynn Solomon’s debut, YOU’LL MISS ME WHEN I’M GONE, but wasn’t interested in this one until seeing her post about it on her Twitter page. TTT is an enemies to lovers romance, aka the BEST kind of romance, and also has some quirky formatting stuff that I always fall for.
  • My Summer of Love & Misfortune | Lindsay Wong – Honestly, the cover really drew me into this one. This book is about a Chinese-American girl struggling to figure her future out after her boyfriend cheats on her and she doesn’t get into any colleges she applies to. Then, her family sends her to Beijing, and also the synopsis mentions DUMPLINGS and have I ever told you how much I LOVE a good DUMPLING??


  • Girl Gone Viral | Alisha Rai – OMFG y’all, I am THE MOST EXCITED about this book!!! Its predecessor, THE RIGHT SWIPE, was a favorite of mine this year, and as I was reading it, I was so hoping the sequel would be about the MC’s roommate, Katrina, who has anxiety, and IT IS!!!! The book gods listen sometimes, and when they do, it is MAGIC.
  • Salty, Bitter, Sweet | Mayra Cuevas – Honestly, I was a little hesitant to request this one when I found out it was published by Blink, which is a publisher of “clean” YA and was mentioned during That Twitter Mess, but also it’s about food and Cuban culture?? I have no idea what to expect from this book, but I do hope that I like it because I love foodie YA.
  • Foul is Fair | Hannah Capin – HOLY SHIT YOU GUYS. Okay, so confession: I immediately dismissed this book when I first saw it because I HATED the cover. But. Lessons were learned when I read the synopsis. It’s about a group of popular girls who seek revenge on boys who attack one of them by infiltrating their private school. Y’all. I have learned my lesson about judging books by their covers. I am so psyched for this book.
  • A Sweet Mess | Jayci Lee – This book. Sounds. So good. It’s about a woman who owns a bakery and ends up running into her hot one night stand again when she messes up an order that gives her a bad review and threatens her whole livelihood. Baking? Romance? One night stands that become something more? *swoons*

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