books that went on my pride display this year

I have been shockingly lax and non-existent about Pride posts this month even though usually I’m super psyched for Pride, but it’s only June 30, so I still have one day left to be full of pride! (jk, Pride will last in my heart long after actual Pride month). This year I felt really weird about Pride because I’m not super sure of my gender identity and I’m feeling uncomfortable with it and feel like a fake queer, and that made it harder to muster up enthusiasm for Pride-related stuff at the library, especially my Pride display this year. I wasn’t very proud of it to be honest, but I did have a lot of good books to pick from, so today, for the last day of Pride, I’ll be sharing some of the titles I put on my display:



I will literally NEVER not put this book on a Pride display. It’s about Etta, a black, bisexual dancer with an eating disorder not otherwise specified (which used to be an eating disorder classification when you didn’t fit all the criteria for a specific disorder). She never feels gay enough to fit in with her lesbian friends, white enough or skinny enough to be a ballet dancer, never enough. It’s written in a stream of consciousness style and can be hard to read at times but I LOVE this book and will scream about it forever.


THE MONTAGUE SIBLINGS AHHHHH MY HEART <3 <3 <3 <3 I adored GENTLEMAN’S GUIDE and will put this on all my Pride displays also even though this year I tried really hard to put up some different books. I loved Mackenzi Lee’s historical, bisexual romp through Europe so much. I didn’t like LADY’S GUIDE, but I had to put Felicity up there because I wanted to have some ace/aro rep as well.



Akemi Dawn Bowman’s second book, SUMMER BIRD BLUE, about a singer whose sister dies, was so depressing I couldn’t finish it, but I had to have some ace rep on my Pride display because I had no ace books last year when I did it, so it went up anyway.



Last year, I put one of Robin Talley’s other books, OUR OWN PRIVATE UNIVERSE, on my Pride display, so this year I picked her historical sapphic fiction, LIES WE TELL OURSELVES, out instead. This book is about two girls on opposite sides of the Civil Rights Movement.



I had to put this one up because it’s new and it’s sapphic and it’s horror, all of which I am here for. I wasn’t sure if I liked this one or not but it was weird and different and I wanted to make sure I put some of our newer queer books up.


I read this duology a really long time ago and somewhat liked it. Reese and David get involved in an alien conspiracy, and there is a bisexual love triangle with a lady alien. I didn’t think I put these books up last year so I wanted to make sure I did this year.



I really liked this fairytale retelling, a sapphic Snow White, about Snow White falling for the lady huntress and also about the stepmother. I’ve been trying to get one of my teens to read it forever so I definitely had to put it out.



I have very few trans books at my branch so this one had to go up. Plus, if you have Anna Marie McLemore in your collection, you can’t just ignore her for a Pride display because all of her books are super queer.

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