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Friends, it is time again for yet another BOUT OF BOOKS!!! Bout of Books is a week-long readathon created by  Amanda  that will be taking place from August 20-26, WHICH IS MY BIRTHDAY WEEK OMFG YASSSSSS (actual birthday is August 24). I am very excited because I will be taking off from work from August 23-26 and will thus be able to hopefully get monumental amounts of reading done. My hope is to read 5 books during Bout of Books so I can feel super accomplished and get a lot of ARCs read (which my boyfriend pronounces A-R-C as though he’s spelling it out. I always correct him but he does it now just to annoy me).

Here are some of the books I am hoping to read for Bout of Books:

Most are ARCs either from this year or from previous years that I still haven’t read (eek, I am terrible), UPROOTED is from the library and RUIN AND RISING is one I bought. I am most excited for WILDCARD because I loved WARCROSS so much. I’m also very much excited for GRIM LOVELIES, because I always thought Megan Shepherd should write fantasy and I haven’t read her since THE MADMAN’S DAUGHTER series ended. JACK OF HEARTS sounds kind of like a dark SIMON VS. with sex which I am quite psyched for as well. On a semi-related note, I am also planning to save my viewing of the movie of TO ALL THE BOYS I’VE LOVED BEFORE until my birthday, which will be a difficult feat because I am so excited for it it’s gonna be so CUTE.

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